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Passages for Further Study

As the Main Thing, Christ is not in a tie with anything or anyone else, and there is no close second. Christ alone is sufficient, and Christians mature as we take hold of this truth in our beliefs and actions Colossians — In Jesus, all things were made, including the principalities and powers whom the Colossian false teachers trusted Col. The hope of these false teachers in angels for advancement in spiritual things was folly because it meant turning from the Creator to created things.

Without Jesus, the cosmos would be chaos.

Cosmic Reconciliation

The Son of God Jesus Christ was sovereign over all the universe before it came into being John The deity of Christ guaranteed the success of His rescue mission. In the incarnation, Jesus is fully God and fully man; He is missing nothing. He is entirely and utterly the Almighty and anyone who rejects the deity of Christ has no share in the salvation He offers John Jesus is Lord of all, which is why no part of the created order can possibly escape the benefits of His work. Even nature itself was thrown into chaos as weather, earthquakes, and more now cause death and destruction.

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The work of Christ fixes all of this, one day all that was thrown into chaos in the Fall will result in one day at the 2 nd Coming of Jesus in creation no longer groaning for its rescue Romans Paul has focused on the majesty and supremacy of Christ which undergirds the sufficiency of Christ for salvation and spiritual growth Colossians and now begins to outline the benefits of Christ to those who believe in Him. Unregenerate people are not merely confused about the Lord, they also hate Him and suppress the truth in unrighteousness Genesis ; Psalm ; Romans Instead, until we come to Christ, we can know nothing of real peace with God, and reconciliation with Him.

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  • And this is why, salvation from beginning to end is an infinite mercy of God who shows us His love, instead of giving us what we deserve His wrath. The Lord in this shows His great love, in that while we hated Him, He still sent His Son, Jesus, to die in place of sinners and for their sin Romans The goal of reconciliation with God is our transformation into Christ-likeness.

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    While this goal will not be complete until glorification Romans , there should be real progress, or as J. Ryle says we should see even the tiniest sliver of growth in holiness year by year. Rather, obedience should come from a heart that is aware of the great grace that was given and in response to the beauty of the Gospel. Ultimately in every situation that Paul addresses there seem to be two important factors that must come into play, attitude and motivation are important.

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    First, motivation is derived from an understanding of our relationship with God. As we better come to know Him and find ourselves in Him we are motivated towards the things that are on His heart. Further, the means by which we live our lives are not only dictated by motivation but our attitude and emotion is also important as it is a witness of what we actually believe to be true about God. This leads us to the final section of Ephesians that leads us to the real battle.

    Spiritual warfare is real and it is important that the believer is equipped in every way to respond to the battle at hand. It is here that the earthly motivation for living a life worthy of the Gospel finds its climax as we see this is part of a much larger spiritual battle that is in play.

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    As we look closer at these references in Isaiah we see that God is a warrior that is fully dressed from head to toe in battle as he goes out to restore and redeem his people. During the time that Paul was writing the people in Ephesus would instantly be drawn to the Roman military that and armor that they wore.

    Every part of the Roman armor had a specific purpose and was designed to not only protect the soldier individually but also as whole team or unit.

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    Again, the activation of this strength is through the empowerment of the Spirit of God and is tangibly witnessed by the believer as they put on the full armor of the King of Kings. Not only are we putting on the armor of God but we are also told to put off our old self earlier in Ephesians So we come full circle in Ephesians 6. Implicit in putting on the new self or armor of of God is the need for the believer to put off the old self.