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The entire nation of Israel was called to repentance by Ezra, who read the Law to them Neh. At the start of the church, the Lord daily added to the number of those who being saved from their sins, and the wrath of God, by repentance Acts However, there were also examples of individuals who had also been revived in their conscience concerning the merciful works of God. One example is the Ethiopian eunuch, who Philip instructed while the Ethiopian was reading a portion of the Old Testament, which pointed to Christ Acts The Ethiopian eunuch received Christ Jesus, and shortly thereafter was baptized Acts a.

The Lord opened up the heart of a woman named Lydia, who understood the message of what Paul was teaching, and believed in Christ Jesus Acts True revival is not just relegated to a large group of people, but also can happen to one person. True revival is progressive , not just static : True revival is not only an event, or experience that takes place at a certain time in a certain arena, tent, conference center, or stadium.


Christians are commanded by Jesus to abide in Him constantly, so they may bear much fruit Jn. Christians are commanded to consistently be filled with the Holy Spirit Eph.

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A believer is to have the word of Christ dwell in them richly Col. A revival can occur in the consciences of a group of people, or in the conscience of one person. Let us be a people when we discuss the concept of revival to do so with what God has revealed in Scripture, and not from opinions, logical presuppositions, or theological positions. The concept of revival has suffered much misunderstanding in the church world today. It is a word that can generate fear and anger as well as joy and great anticipation. Revival has been credited for renewing faith and impacting society in a positive manner as well as dividing churches and family members.

Christian leaders and theologians have debated what constitutes a genuine revival of God. Yet the condition of the church cries for something other than another ministry approach or program.

What Are The Qualities of A True Revival?

For some people, revival is considered a panacea for all the troubles that face the church today. This position cannot be supported from Scripture, nor church history. Even an overview of revival from the Scriptures and church history suggests that challenges remain. While some problematic issues are solved, other issues arise in their place. The value of revival brings a new awareness of the presence of God. It redirects the affections of the heart.

Not only does this enable a major transformation to occur in individuals, it also has a profound impact on the culture of the times and the shape of future generations.

Prayer For Revival And Spiritual Awakening

Some consider the awakening the real American Revolution. Here is an annotated bibliography of some books that have stimulated my own thinking on the topic. Old Testament scholar, Walter Kaiser, Jr. The key to this awakening starts with a right attitude toward God, a reverential fear. The author utilizes biblical sketches to forward his argument. Vernon W. There are a number of significant illustrations of the work of a revival, particularly in the United Kingdom at the early part of the twentieth century.

Looking for Revival? The teacher's dream! Learn about the first steps of discipleship!

11 Bible Verses About Revival And Reformation

Discover the power of God's Word! Find out where Christ leads us! Redemption Through the Scriptures: Great biblical and chronological study!

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    This always results in a zeal to save sinners by the preaching of the Gospel. Lyall, p. This is a challenging biography of John Sung. Below are a number of BFF articles on revival and renewal. Constant Personal Renewal A lifelong personal growth plan Continuous Personal Renewal : A lifelong personal growth plan provides a basic understanding how spiritual growth takes place and practical steps on how to renew that growth throughout our lives. From Revival to Despair Psalm By looking at the steps from revival down to despair, we can be warned of that path and never follow that road.

    Revival and the Fear of God in Society Psalm 78 Think through the historical and cultural relationship of revivals and the fear of God in a society. Revival comes from Joining the Church not Abandoning her This article tries to bring the uncommitted back into the church so she can be a powerful unit rather than opposing armies. Step 3: Calling for Revival. Questions to Study Revival What is a revival?


    Is the term biblical or manmade? How do revivals happen? Explain the process. Is spiritual decline the opposite of a revival? How so? Share a few great changes from the Welsh Revival.