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Do I have to attend every single week? The workshop runs for eight weeks, and we ask that people try to attend at least five. However, if you can't make it to the full series, drop ins are welcome. What does it cost to attend the workshop?

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It's free! You can download a calendar with all of the events taking place every month at both The Annex and The Center here. Many members of the queer community, even people who themselves are under the Multisexual Umbrella, are unaware of the Multisexual identities outside of Bisexual. This is a list of the most common Multisexual identities and what they mean. An identity that describes sexual attraction to two or more sexes, genders, gender expressions, or combinations thereof.

Someone who is Multisexual or Non-Monosexual. Multisexual is both an Umbrella Term, a term used to describe a more broad group of people or ideas, and a less specific Multisexual identity. Bisexual noun An identity that describes sexual attraction to two sexes, genders, gender expressions, or combinations thereof. Most commonly used by those who are attracted to both men and women, but can also be used to describe any two part combination of the stated options.

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Someone who is Bisexual. Bisexual is the most well known Multisexual identity, and is often thought of as only describing attraction to men and women, but Bisexual can be used to describe feelings of sexual attraction to any combination of two sexes, genders, or gender expressions. Polysexual noun An identity that describes sexual attraction to multiple, but not all, sexes, genders, gender expressions, or combinations thereof. Someone who is Polysexual. Polysexual people experience sexual attraction to more than two, but not all, sexes, genders, and gender expressions.

One of the combinations a Polysexual person could be attracted to could be women, demiwoman, and androgyne people.

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Omnisexual noun An identity that describes sexual attraction to all sexes, genders, gender expressions, or combinations thereof, but not necessarily to the same extent or without preference with one over the other. Someone who is Omnisexual. Omnisexual people are attracted to all sexes, genders, and gender expressions, but still consider themselves to be influenced by these things and often have a preference for some over the others. An Omnisexual may be sexually attracted to all combinations, but still prefer nonbinary partners over men or women.

Pansexual noun An identity that describes sexual attraction to people without regard to their sex, gender, gender expression, or combination thereof. Someone who is Pansexual.

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Pansexuals are the second most well known and most common kind of Multisexuals. Living here in Bakersfield is pleasant, but sometimes we really need to get the heck out. My sister had bought me and a friend of choice tickets to the event for my birthday. Dinah Shore Weekend is essentially a five-day spring break for lesbians. What made the situation more stressful was that all I knew about it was that this event is a giant pool party.

I do not really like my body in a bathing suit and I do not dance ever, so I feared the whole event would just be uncomfortable. A part of me was dreading going all together. I stayed at the Hilton where all the pool parties took place. Conveniently, every event was walking distance from the hotel. But I soon found myself feeling uncomfortable about being there alone, especially because I discovered that a lot of friends had come together and were sharing hotel rooms. That seemed like a lot of fun that I was missing out on. A little nervous about spending several days on my own, I went downstairs to the lobby to have a drink and attempt to relax before going out.

She was only at the bar to watch whatever game was on TV. I ended up being friends with the bartender. Then another girl arrived at the bar to pick up drinks for herself and her girlfriend, and we all started talking. I was surprised to find out how easy it is to meet people in person.

She was very kind and advised me to take an Uber to the opening event at the bar a block up from the hotel since I was going alone. Once I made it to the event, I was oddly relaxed. I was still alone, but I realized that I would be driven to meet more people - especially after how easy it was in the lobby. I was drinking and walking around the place when I noticed the bar had an upstairs. I went up to explore, and not long after I met a girl who introduced herself to me. We hit it off talking for the rest of the night.

She too had come to the event by herself and it turned out that she was staying in the same hotel that I was. She walked me to my room that night and we hugged it out. This was upsetting for me, but I was determined to find her. By 10 a. I was nervous to be in broad daylight around a bunch of gorgeous women in bathing suits. The environment the entire time was overwhelmingly friendly and positive. I met a random person from Alaska and talked to her for a little bit until I ran into my friend from the previous night.

My friend found another buddy who had come alone to the event just like us. We all became friends by the afternoon.

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Dinah Shore Weekend has pool parties in the day and the club at night, along with a number of other events. A few famous lesbians had little meet-and-greets, and there were concerts by well-known musicians. The event is hard to put into words for me because it exceeded my expectations. I had so many memorable experiences. Somewhere along my trip, for once in my life, I let loose.

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I danced for a long period of time, spoke with a bunch of strangers, had confidence in myself and felt bonds with people I just met. The community at the event was so welcoming and friendly that I felt like I could really be myself, without worrying about what people think of me. Before my trip, I was worried that I would look like a creep all by myself. By the time I left, I had made a bunch of new friends and gained the knowledge that you have the ability to look at a situation in a positive or negative way.

How you look at things can really change your experience. During Dinah Shore Weekend, I was open to the idea that I would meet a lot of interesting people and it just happened for me. I believe that taking a trip by yourself is something everyone should do at least once in their lives. I plan to go back every year, whether it's with other people or on my own. In my first post of this series, How to Be an Ally: Learning the Difference Between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation , I wrote about the differences between gender identity and gender expression.

For this next installment, I want to go over the gender identity of non-binary. I'll also explain why, for the first time in my life, I'm excited for my upcoming appointment at the DMV. Non-binary means "someone who does not identify as a man or a woman, or solely as one of those two genders.

For example, someone could identify "as non-binary and as a woman". That would make them bigender having two genders. A non-binary identity does not mean the person is intersex but intersex people can identify as non-binary. Non-binary people may define themselves as transgender or they may not. This tends to vary based on the definition of transgender being used as well as their personal definition of non-binary. As is always the case with pronouns, the best way to find out what pronouns someone prefers is to ask them directly.


Myth 2: Non-binary people look and dress androgynously. This could be true, or it could not be. There's no set way non-binary people dress. Non-binary people can and do dress in traditionally masculine or feminine ways, a combination, neither really, or alternate among several different styles.

There's no one particular way to dress like a non-binary person. If you're non-binary and wearing clothes, that's how a non-binary person dresses. To restate one of the major points of Part I of this series, gender expression how you dress, shave or don't shave, etc - the outside things other people observe and gender identity how you feel about yourself on the inside do not have to match. Until gender expression is not socially penalized and discriminated against, there are many reasons why someone might not be able to express themselves publicly to match the way they feel inside.

Alternately, someone who is genderfluid might dress traditionally masculine one day, traditionally feminine the next. This expression perfectly matches their gender identity as a non-binary, genderfluid person. This is an exceptionally hurtful myth about non-binary people. It echoes previous myths about other groups, like the offensive myths that all bisexual people are sexually promiscuous or that lesbians only prefer women because they were traumatized by men.

It's a common way queer people have been discriminated against: people say we are confused, broken or temporary. The truth is that non-binary people have existed for as long as people and gender have existed. Non-binary gender identities were present within many different cultures throughout history. The girls cabin at summer camp, and me. I'm biologically female but have never identified with my biology. When my peers in early elementary school started really differentiating between "girls" and "boys", I felt frustrated and left out. I hated being called a "tomboy" by well-meaning adults. A tomboy meant "a girl who likes boy things".

I had two problems with that: 1 girls can like anything because there are no "boy things" and 2 I wasn't a girl who liked boy things, because I wasn't a girl at all. I had zero examples of gender-nonconforming people in my life and no role models to help me better articulate what I thought my role was on the gender spectrum. Regardless, from a fairly young age I was adamant that it was a kind of spectrum. I knew I believed this because I felt like everyone was always reading me on the wrong place on it.

Oh, uh, no offense, Tris. They usually don't make harsh judgments about your gender presentation or lack of conformity. I've played with a lot of dogs. Cats are good, too. Today, I feel comfortable using a non-binary label. I tend to use it interchangeably with the term "genderqueer" when describing myself. Not all non-binary people do. Here's a deeper history of the term " genderqueer "; language is fascinating.

As of , California has started allowing non-binary people to select a third gender option for their driver's license. I'm not looking forward to the DMV queue, but I am very excited for the opportunity to identify myself legally as who I've always been all along. I know that personally I appreciate being asked to share my perspective by my cisgender friends. Especially when it doesn't feel like a challenge or a judgment, I am happy to talk about my gender identity and what it means to me.

If you have a question for someone they'd probably appreciate you asking, instead of making an assumption. It's generally better say something like, "I'd like to hear more about how you identify gender-wise if you want to tell me about it". That gives the person an open-ended way to volunteer as little or as much information as they want. And of course, thanks to the internet, you can learn a lot about non-binary people just by reading first-person accounts in articles and blogs. As an avid festivalgoer and being fairly new to Bakersfield, I was thrilled to find out that the new location this year for Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival LIB was only a half-hour drive from me, at the Buena Vista Lake.

As I deepened my interest for it, I learned it offers an abundance of wellness workshops like yoga, meditation and sound healing sessions and conscious topic discussions featuring key speakers. We arrived at the campgrounds on Thursday evening and met up with our lovely friends who did such an amazing job at creating feng shui for our weekend home. We were also situated under a tree so glorious its shades kept us cool. At times, we could feel a gentle breeze since we were close by the lake.

When we entered the festival grounds, we were immediately impressed by the eccentric ambiance and how there were plenty of things to do and see! The euphoric energy everyone transmitted out was so contagious that I quickly came to a realization that this experience was going to be magical. Even if we could sense the inevitable rainstorm was approaching. While the rainstorm during the early hours of Friday morning was harsh, it did minimize the dust for the weekend.

The rainstorm was actually cool to witness while camping because it totally set the mood for LIB. The way I see it is that Mother Nature gifted us with a natural lightning show to initiate the weekend festivities — literally placing the emphasis on lightning. Sure, it did rain hard and it got really muddy in certain areas but the sun eventually came out and embellished its heat for the rest of the weekend.

Our Friday started with a psychedelic breath yoga workshop, which ended up being such a special and personal experience. Then we attended some yoga sessions, one facilitated by Stephen and Katherine who operate Samsara Wellness Center here in Bakersfield You can catch a free Samsara yoga session held at the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity on Mondays at 6pm. Not only did the daytime activities leave us feeling rejuvenated, but it also prepared us for our evening entertainment. My favourite set was Gramatik who had us literally dancing the entire time! By Saturday, more friends joined us and I tagged along with them to venture out so they can get acquainted with LIB.

While I find comfort in camping with friends, I was also just as enthusiastic to form new friendships. Although Sunday was fun, it was also bitter sweet since it was the last day of LIB. We ventured out to admire the live artworks that were brilliantly crafted during the weekend. We even spent a good amount of time roller-skating in the disco rink. The highlight of my day was when I started to notice groups of people gather around the lakeside where we all took a moment together to appreciate the beautiful sunset.

The special part of that experience was that we all howled away into the night, just as if we were pack of wolves. Strangely, it felt natural to howl and I learned later on that it was kind of becoming a LIB tradition. All the lessons I was gifted with and the great friendships formed will stay with me for a lifetime. Which could potentially indicate that LIB has found a home in Bakersfield for the following years to come. There are endless of ways to define Pride and how it has impacted on you internally and externally.

Pride is a demonstration for a safe platform where we can all proudly celebrate LOVE. Cheer for the love for yourself and for the right to love whomever you want freely. Happy Pride!!! What motivated you to reach out and help The Center? From the name and the website, I knew I wanted to support the mission. Then I met Anne and Jan and wanted to be involved for sure.

The emphasis on community and social gathering. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Singing, eating, catching up with family and friends. If you are able to give it a little more thought, though, you can take this opportunity to explore how there might be a difference in the way things play out with the genders reversed.

It's a very old technique of retelling a story. Many folk Fairy Tales occasionally have Gender Flip variants; they are invariably played absolutely straight. Sometimes the remake or "reimagining" of a work may involve Gender Flips, perhaps due to societal changes on the Sliding Scale of Gender Inequality that, for example, would allow a formerly-male Number Two to be an Action Girl instead.

Occasionally, the Gender Flip occurs with a work that's already in development, or even in production due to, for example, an actor's sudden unavailability or simply a last-minute casting idea. The results can be particularly interesting in these cases, as the written role may be almost completely unchanged from its original opposite-gender version. Rule 63 is closely related, but subtly different. A good general rule of thumb is that a Rule 63 character looks like exactly the same character, as if subjected to Gender Bender.

Gender Flip characters will often differ from their originals in a great many ways other than the character's sex. Distinguished from Crosscast Role , in which the actor is the opposite sex of the character. For example, a production of Hamlet that as in Shakespeare's own day had Ophelia played by a boy would be a Crosscast Role , but a production with a male actor playing a male character named "Ophelius" and referred to in the text with male pronouns would be a Gender Flip.

Not to be confused with Gender Bender though outside TV Tropes , the terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

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If a story involves a character changing sex In-Universe , that's a Gender Bender. If a creator decides the character works better as the opposite sex, that's this trope. Also not to be confused with Gender Inverted Trope , when not a particular character , but a whole trope is flipped from its usually expected gender. Also note that this trope is not about "gender roles" in the generic sense. Those are covered for examples involving couples, anyway by Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy.