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Everything, Everything , based on the YA novel by Nicola Yoon, tells the story of Maddy Amandla Stenberg and Olly Nick Robinson , neighbors-turned-crushes who have one big obstacle standing in the way of their love: Maddy can't go outside. She suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency SCID , a condition that means she'll get sick if she comes in contact with pretty much anything or anyone.

She's safe only inside her sanitized home, where she lives with her doctor mother played by Anika Noni Rose. Here, director Stella Meghie shares behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the movie. Amandla read for her part over Skype, while in Paris. As soon as she started saying the words, I knew she was so right for [the part].

  • 6. Michael Caine was so shocked by Heath Ledger as the Joker, that he forgot his lines.
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Can you see him today? I wrote her a little note after just to let her know that it was a great time, that it was lovely to meet her. There was no chemistry test between Amandla and Nick. I joked that they should meet up and do a chemistry test in Venice or something. The original script featured way more texting. This was one solution. The actor who played the astronaut Sage Brocklebank caused some trouble with the crew.

You can find a tall astronaut suit, right? Chester said Apricot Lane is fortunate to have investors who understand the long-term financial opportunities of a self-sustaining farm. One wall of the porch is covered by snapshots of farm hands. Some ended up accepting full-time positions. The Chesters said that even after eight challenging years without a proper vacation, they remain devoted to their path.

In fact, they are playing the long game: They have literally planted acorns, aiming for oak trees — which can live for over years, with a single tree feeding a community of native wildlife. John Chester said that after taking a break from filmmaking following the movie, he just put a camera back in his truck. Want to experience farm life firsthand and meet Emma the Pig in real life? Go to ApricotLaneFarms. Bring water, walking shoes, hat and sunscreen. Go to BiggestLittleFarmMovie. Skip to content.

It sure beats a conference room. Robert Washington makes his way past a field of sunchokes, while working at Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark.

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Because it costs you so much emotionally to be away from your kids, I don't warm to projects that I used to. If I haven't found an 'in' with a character, then I'm not interested. Van Dyke, who played Bert, the chimney sweeper, in the original film, was thrilled to hear about the sequel.

Of course, Van Dyke's request was honored, and he was given a cameo as the son of Mr.

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  8. Dawes Sr. After it was announced that Van Dyke had a cameo in the film, many expected Andrews to have one as well. Unfortunately, she doesn't, but there's a reason for that. Marshall tried to get Andrews on board, but he told Variety , "She immediately said no. She should run with this. This is hers. Miranda took inspiration for his role as Jack from his own family.

    In an interview with Playbill , he explained that his biggest "piece of research" was his two-year-old son.

    9. Sean Connery wore a toupee during his tenure as James Bond

    My biggest research assistant was my own son, who is coming into his own imagination as he grows up, and tapping into that. Leave it to Krasinski to make us all shed a tear. The actor, who is married to Blunt, told Ellen Degeneres on The Ellen Show that after getting an early glimpse at Blunt's role in the film, he cried.

    Mary Poppins Returns relies on all new music and songs throughout the movie, so don't expect to hear the old favorites.

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    And Blunt, for one, was thrilled about that. She told The Daily Mail that she "thanks God" she didn't have to sing the original songs, saying, "I was never going to be singing the original music. Again, Blunt was terrified at the thought of stepping into Andrews' shoes. The film's composers, Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, told Vogue they thought it was "certifiably insane" to try to measure up to the original music. In , the two got together with Blunt and Miranda to write the songs for them, and Wittman said, "We got to tailor the songs for Emily and Lin; make them bespoke.

    One notable moment of the film is when Miranda raps. But this isn't something new — he took inspiration from Van Dyke's role in the original. You've all forgotten, but he's got bars on bars about all the women he knows besides Mary Poppins, just to make her jealous. So gangsta. The cast got to wear a lot of adorable retro outfits throughout the film, and Blunt definitely had a favorite.

    Behind the scenes with THE BOOK OF LIFE - Deborah Harkness

    In one press conference , she said her favorite costume was the red suit with "the skirt that kind of flowed out when I danced with 30 lamplighters. In an interview with CineMovie , Blunt revealed that one of the new songs, called "The Place Where Lost Things Go," was hard for her to get through because it made her so emotional.

    She said the song made her think of her own children, explaining, "It just moved me so much. When looking for inspiration on playing Mary Poppins, Blunt didn't take it from Andrews, like one might think.

    Coco: Is the new Pixar movie a 'RIP-OFF' of The Book of Life?

    Instead, she read all of the original Mary Poppins books, and was inspired by the book version of the character. She explained , "I took my version from the books, where she's really eccentric. Vain, completely imperious and weird. The books weren't the only place Blunt found motivation for the role. She was also inspired by Rosalind Russell's fast-talking journalist role in the movie His Girl Friday. She told Harper's Bazaar , "She's like a tornado.

    I went, 'That's it! That's the pace! Blunt avoided watching the original Mary Poppins film altogether although she did see it when she was younger. She made a concrete decision not to watch the movie, telling Vogue , "I knew that if I watched Julie Andrews's version, maybe I would take the edge off of what my instincts were telling me to do. Also, I didn't want to be completely intimidated by the brilliance of her voice.

    The Book of Life: Diego Luna "Manolo" Behind the Scenes Movie Interview