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Or, do you prefer walking around. Talents should complement each other. And, from customers? Nowadays, any company that is not absolutely customer-oriented is condemned to failure. Subsequently, it will help us ensure that customers are satisfied and can potentially become loyal customers, or potential direct and digital prescribers. What makes this resort unique? What makes it special? The people on our team are what makes it unique. Every one of the people who naturally and enthusiastically offer the best of themselves every day in order to ensure that each of the guests who visits us has an unforgettable experience and holiday.

And what makes it special are the wonderful facilities, rooms, restaurants, bars, spas, activities And all that crowned with the finishing touch: majestic tropical gardens and the hypnotic Caribbean Sea with its various shades of blue. What you to do unwind when you happen to work in paradise? It is very pleasant to work here. I devote my leisure time to my family: my wife and son. On vacation, we go home to Galicia, where we bask in the warmth of family, friends and an epic gastronomic feast. A drink Red wine. Una bebida Vino tinto. Athlete: David Cal, Galician canoer.

He won more Olympic medals than any Spanish athlete. Deportista: David Cal, piraguista gallego. Internationally, Mexico is a fascinating country. Lo ideal es que un talento complete a otro. En la misma medida, nos facilita aspirar a contar con clientes satisfechos, potenciales clientes fidelizados, potenciales prescriptores directos y digitales. We treat each request as unique, personalizing service. Resulta imposible no enamorase de la isla. Palladium Hotel Group is the leader in events in Ibiza. And with just one phone call will do.

PHG offers distinct premium products, an exclusive service with specialized staff and incomparable competitive advantages that cater to the most demanding requests. The ceremony is held in. En los jardines de la casa solariega de 12 habitaciones, con un servicio que mima los detalles, se puede celebrar ceremonias de boda y banquetes al aire libre o bajo su carpa beduina —integrada en el paisaje— de m2 con capacidad para comensales. Sa Talaia is a privileged oasis of exclusivity surrounded by pine trees and nature, where celebrating a wedding is like making a fairytale dream come true.

In this bedroom ancestral home, guests are offered services to regale the senses and pamper them with every last detail, and its garden can host weddings and banquets, in the open air or under the m2 Bedouin tent with capacity for guests. The neoprene tent offers a charming atmosphere that blends in with the surroundings.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza houses the largest convention center on the island of Ibiza. Its m2 auditorium, two independent conference rooms each approximately 40 m2 and a m2 hall with direct access from the outside, offer a unique space in which to design a tailor-made event..

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The car features black eight-spoke alloy wheels, lowered suspension, LED daytime running lights, a sports steering wheel with built-in shift levers, instruments guages on the dashboard and a JBL sound system. The cars dynamic design and fun feel contrast with its respect for the environment, offering a combined fuel consumption of just 4. Cristina Pedroche hosted the event at the Palacio de Cibeles on March 10th. With Mr. The master bedroom is decorated in shades of green, with a mahogony wood floor that sets off the elegant floral prints on its pillows and cushions. A large picture window, hot tub and Bulgari amenities are just some of its exquisite details in the bathroom.

The picture windows open onto the most exclusive area of the resort: A private outdoor deck with wicker lamps, a pool and a hot tub, furnished with wooden deckchairs, a coffee table, and the most beautiful views of the blue seas of Jaimaca. Luxury, exclusivity and privilege for a unique and unforgettable experience. An elegant hall with cedar wood panelling welcomes us before entering a living room dominated by a giant flat-screen TV, two opposing sofas and a coffee table. The sunlight enhances the grey upholstery with floral accents, the colorful turquoise cushions, the marble and the cedar and mahogany furniture.

Para unos, el plan perfecto de las vacaciones pasa por descubrir y conocer nuevos destinos al otro lado del mundo. De cualquier modo, se requiere una maleta acorde al plan. The countdown has begun, and we can already just about touch summer withour fingertips. For some, the perfect vacation is about discovering and exploring new destinations on the other side of the globe. For others, sipping a cocktail while leafing through a magazine is about all the effort they want to make during their hard-earned downtime.

Packing your suitcase will be a breeze. These relaxed boho designs for day and bolder, sexier outfits for night are the result of an irresistible venture. Trends and versatility dance in sync in this collection. Ibiza remains hippie essence that has drawn bohemians. Ibiza mantiene su esecia hippie que atrae a los bohemios.

Elegant, clean and with a slightly roguish touch. Plain shirts and denim fabrics for the perfect day time look.

Mario Vargas Llosa « Torre Martello

Elegante, limpia y con un punto canalla. Five fashion ideas for all your summer moments. Jot this down! Las opciones son infinitas. The line features bohemian feminine garments in which sheer fabrics prevail. Bartomeu Rosello, Zona de embarque. General Balanzat, 1. San Antonio. San Jordi de Ses Salines.

Luis Tur Palau, Military style, denim and brightly coloured apparel are once again a staple of the collection, which aso offers its designs in a miniature version. The Kids line reinterprets some of the basics so that youngsters can dress like their elders. The darkest line in the collection thus deploys a new arsenal of dresses, T-shirts and accessories in order to dress guests for the darkest night.

The countdown to summer is almost over. Days of relaxation, nights of partying or a combination of both promise an unforgettable summer. But first: pack your suitcase…. Pero si hay una tendencia que permanece inmortal en este universo de contrastes es, por encima de todo, el color negro. Jornadas de descanso, noches fiesta o un combinado de ambas auguran un verano inolvidable. Lo primero: hacer la maleta…. Make their holiday a unique and unforgettable experience.

Palladium Premium Experience Services are at your disposal to help you create a one-ofa-kind moment. If you want to make a proposal worthy of a Hollywood film, celebrate the most romantic dinner imaginable under the stars and by the sea, cultivate inner peace while enjoying a massage with scented oils All of this is possible. Y para brindar, una botella de champagne con fresas y chocolate.

Si lo prefiere, puede regalar una cena con langosta y un exquisito vino blanco. We suggest you organize a birthday surprise: starting with a delicious cake in their room or at their favorite thematic restaurant. Followed by chocolate strawberries and then toasting with a bottle of champagne. Or, if you prefer, treat them to a lobster dinner with an exquisite white wine. For dessert, a sweet for the senses: soaking in a jacuzzi at the Zentropia Spa.

This birthday service is also designed for children; you can surprise them with every fun activity imaginable. Don Carlos, Palladium Hotel Cala Llonga and Palladium Hotel Palmyra, includes a total of 11 restaurants and a wide range of national and international beverages as well as appetizers and ice creams. The program includes 11 restaurants from Ibiza. El programa incluye 11 restaurantes en toda Ibiza. Cumpliendo con su compromiso social y durante , apoya iniciativas deportivas y solidarias en Ibiza. Entre los productos donados se encuentran alimentos y bebidas, efectos de higiene persona, 60 gorros y sacos de dormir.

In on-going commitment to society, throughout , the Abel Matutes Foundation is supporting sports and charity initiatives in Ibiza. These donated products include food and beverages, personal hygiene products, 60 hats and sleeping bags. The Red Cross Social Emergency Service Unit reaches out to people who, whether due to personal or social circumstances, permanently or temporarily sleep on the streets on the island of Ibiza. The service thus aims to cover basic food, hygiene and health needs. The Red Cross Social Emergency Service Mobile Unit was launched in , and today it is has 15 volunteers looking after over people.

In , more than users sought assistance from the service. Moreover, as has become customary, the Abel Matutes Foundation donated 12, Euros to nine soccer clubs in Ibiza in order to support their work with the youth leagues. Al mismo tiempo, a las Spanish time. Meanwhile, at 9 p. English time, a soda vending machine installed on Brick Lane lit up.

After interacting with passersby who happened by, the vending machine opened up and teletransported them to a world of music and fun. Between May 1st and October 31st, the screen will be lit up uninterruptedly airing an exclusive television channel managed off-site. Moreover, it will also be enabled for social network interaction through any mobile device, offering content in streaming through the Odissey Ibiza website.

The screen was installed with great care, particularly with regards to security, elegance and respect for the environment, with every effort being made to reduce light pollution to a minimum. For the first time, we are implementing a global development and training plan throughout PHG. We call this plan PlanUp! Another major objective is to generate a real reserve of managers with Palladium DNA so that we will have the best possible professionals in key positions at the new hotels we plan to create as part of our plan for expansion.

Lastly, one of the strategic objectives of PlanUp! In , we launched the initial version of the Tutor Plan in Spain and, given the positive results obtained, this year the Plan will be improved and implemented in all our hotels in the Americas. Le llamamos PlanUp! You also head the ranking in terms of number of fans and interactions. What actions have helped you stay number one in such an active market? We work with the sales department to offer customers the best deals to suit their needs and preferences, with all the functional and operational teams at the hotels, from reception to entertainment, technical services, restaurants, etc.

But also with the systems and innovation team in order to launch innovative technological actions: the most useful are those that offer customers unique experiences How do you explain this success?


This has made it easy for us to make a smooth transition from online to offline: customers see that the things they report through social networks have an immediate impact; we reply to their requests and resolve their incidents even if they tell us about them in a Tweet. Plus, because of the way the company has positioned itself, it has managed to. Our objective is to turn them into fans. How will the Palladium Digital Media - Sphere influence relationships with influencers and trendsetters?

Filling out the registration form on the website www. Se rellena un formulario de registro ubicado en la web www. Es una apuesta a largo plazo, un trabajo constante de un trabajo en equipo. Nuestro objetivo es convertirles en fans. Es un paso innovador. Somos la primera cadena hotelera creo que del mundo en lanzar una plataforma propia para que los blogueros y medios digitales se pongan en contacto con nosotros, se registren y se puedan plantear acciones conjuntas.

EarthCheck has developed longterm partnerships with leading travel and tourism organisations to deliver a credible program,. EarthCheck Certified, which has integrity, transparency and scientific rigour. Using an holistic approach to tackle the triple bottom line efficiencies, EarthCheck delivers a framework for organisations to minimise environmental footprints, support communities and save operational costs. It also provides organisations a competitive market advantage and long-term sustainability approach through environmental leadership.

This gives members the ability to run monthly environmental and financial performance reports, to identify gaps in their performance and to compare their progress over time. Sustainable Tourism Council and compliant to many worldwide carbon reporting initiatives and ISO Standards on environmental management systems, energy management and greenhouse gases accounting. Desde , EarthCheck ofrece a. Los miembros introducen sus. Una potente herramienta que utiliza datos en tiempo real.

A powerful tool for reporting and analysing savings based on real time data. Disfrutando de la mejor experiencia culinaria de mi vida. Ieawiegmann thorobback memories holidays paradise rivieramya beach takemeback grandpalladium. Un posado para dar envidia a los amigos. Estamos muy orgullosos de presentar la nueva Hummingbird Signature Residence at Jamaica y cuatro nuevas Ambassador. Members who stay there will enjoy the ultimate luxury experience.

The complex consists three rooms, each with its own private bath, living room, indoor dining room and a bar stocked with Premium VIP drinks. The Hummingbird Signature Residence has its own outdoor pool and jacuzzi, from which guests can enjoy incredible views of the blue seas of Jamaica. And just to make sure every experience our members have with us is memorable, we are also innaugurating four Ambassador Suites with every necessary amenities, including a bathroom with shower and jacuzzi, a terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi for two and located right on the Las Brisas beach.

Visit our web at Visita nuestra web en www. Vacationing at the best destinations in the Caribbean and Spain with exclusive special Travel Club rates. Over 7, members Palladium Travel Club members have decided to enjoy their dream vacation with us. You can join our Club too! We shared this celebration of love and friendship with our members.

The bars played timeless romantic hits of all time. In Vallarta, our manager Angelly Arias gave Cupid date and, this time, he was accompanied by the musical notes of a violinist and an impressive sunset. The evening on the Riviera Maya did not fall far behind, we shared the importance of love and friendship with our members and collaborators in a lovely evening filled with music, petals, roses and colorful cocktails. If you are already a member, we hope to see you September 16th at our second anniversary party in Jamaica!

Love is the air in our resorts. Share your emotions with us during our next anniversary party in Jamaica. Comparta sus emociones en nuestra fiesta de aniversario. Our host, Javier Solo, has lots of fun and surprises in store for you!!!! Urban luxury in a modern hotel designed by Santiago Calatrava. Doctor Fleming 18, San Antonio. The tropical climate, warm and humid yearround, with a rainy season—from May to September— and hurricanes —from June to November, although mountain ranges act as a barrier against inclement weather— is favorable for its rather particular plant life: the island is home to over types of orchids, in addition to a wide variety of palm trees, bougainvilleas and ferns; and it is also home to the Blue Mahoe hibiscus, often depicted in paintings and wood sculptures.

It is here that the second highest mountain in the Caribbean, Blue Mountain Peak, is to be found, rising 2, meters above sea level. Bob Marley y los rastafaris. Una cocina sabrosa gracias a sus innumerables especias. This healthy cuising is full of flavor thanks to the great variety of spices used for seasoning: ginger, curry and allspice, one of the strongest, hotest and are also served with bammy, a flatbread made of cassava. Dulce y sabroso. Sweet and savory. Para paladares curtidos. The spice is tempered with pineapple or banana. For tougher palates. Para paladares exquisitos. Made with eggs, chard, carrots, celery, potatoes and tomatoes.

A mild dish for recent arrivals. Con huevos, acelga, zanahoria, apio, papas y tomates. Fruity and wild. Con diferentes tipos de pescados y verduras cocinados con leche de coco, pimientos y especias. Afrutado y salvaje. A veritable feast of flavor. Se marina el cerdo la noche anterior en una mezcla de pimienta, jengibre, clavo y nuez moscada.

Toda una fiesta de sabor. The spectacle is unforgettable. Visitors must enter barefoot, because this is considered sacred ground, and video recordings and photos are forbidden. Playas de arena blanca para senrtirse libre. Bob Marley and the Rastafarians. To talk about Jamaica is to talk about Bob Marley: music icon and universal ambassador for the island. This is the house where Marley lived until , where Marley founded his record label, and where his gold and platinum albums are preserved we should recall that Legend sold over 20 million copies.

The museum also houses two souvenir shops, the Queen of Sheba Restaurant and a hairstyling saloon where we can get a hairdo that would make any Rastafari proud. Rastafarianism is an Abrahamic religion associated with African heritage, mainly Ethiopian, and music plays a key role in it. It is from this Castilian heritage that Dominicans have inherited their penchant for dressing up as limping devil.

In the Dominican Republic, carnival is a year-round event. Dominican society so strongly identifies with carnestolendas abarcan todo el mes de febrero, sin tener en the carnival imaginary that it has gradually incorporated cuenta el calendario religioso. La sociedad dominicana se elements of this feast of mockery and masks in many of siente tan identificada con el imaginario carnavalesco que its religious celebrations, such as Holy Week and Corpus ha ido incorporando los elementos de la fiesta de la burla y Christi. Every Februel Corpus Christi.

All dral. A far cry cojuelo. Esta influencia directa de la the province of La Vega, north of Santo Domingo. Van armados estos personajes con elements of any patriotic the swollen bladders of bulls and lined with unas mazas fabricadas con vejigas de ganado commemoration.

They dance sarcastically to the sound vacuno hinchadas y forradas de tela. The devils' appearance changes as you disfrace que se atreva a bajar de la acera a la calzada. El travel around Hispaniola. Los women with long dresses in bright colors. During the years of the recovery, the new authorsor haitiano. There are a lot of fampero bien provistas. It is made by se guise. Se prepara cociendo diferentes tipos hombres travestidos con colores brillantes. Por si no fuetain, yams, potatoes, chili peppers.

And all this is chased coco y oveja. The wealthy celebrated their exclusive pardividido. However, as authorities and institutions sobre todo por mulatos y negros. Sobre tarimas con A classic is going to a Carnival. Italy is a lot more than history and monuments. Italy is a philosophy of life born of Mediterranean values, including a value that is essential in order to understand Italians: gastronomy.

Each village has recipes that are different from those of its neighbors, and each home is a gastronomic world onto itself, because Italian identity revolves around food and eating —or, as the Italians say, il mangiare—, is almost as important as breathing. But that only happens in films… Italian cuisine is so wide-ranging and varied that it could easily fill every page in this magazine.

The Sicilian diet is mainly Mediterranean, in other words, its main dishes meals are prepared using fresh local products, based on vegetables, fish, meat and, of course, followed by sweets and ice cream.

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It is clearly a reflection. Of course, certain dishes and ingredients are found all over Italy, not least of all the icons of la cucina: pasta and pizza. But its in the way these dishes are prepared that everything varies and takes on the personality of each region, city or famiglia. It dates back to almost two-thousand years ago, and, originally, it was prepared the same way as focaccia, in other words, it was a spongy bread made of flour, oil and salt and topped with meat or fish.

Some add a little lemon juice to the dough, others add breadcrumbs to the base Dishes are made with fresh local products, based on vegetables, ffiish and meat. Los platos se hacen con productos frescos de mercado, con vegetales, pescados y carnes. En el caso de la pizza, conviene recordar que en Sicilia es cuadrada y se la llama sfinciuni. Buon appetito! Del mismo modo, la salsa siciliana tiene un ingrediente sobresaliente: la berenjena.

Se presenta en tacos gruesos, cocinados con el tomate y rematada con unas hojas de albahaca fresca. Redondas, ovales, con forma de pera, presentan infinidad de variantes gracias a sus rellenos pero parten de una misma premisa: se hacen a partir de una pasta de arroz ligada con queso y huevo, empanada y posteriormente frita en aceite de oliva. Si quiere darle un toque realmente siciliano a sus platos, use la sal de Trapani. Capers and anchovies are among the local ingredients used, but each cook adds his own touch. Proof of this is one of the most popular varieties, which created in Mesina: the focaccia alla messinesse, topped with endives and anchovies.

As in the rest of the peninsula, pasta is the other star of any menu. Similarly, Sicilian sauces features one outstanding ingredient: eggplant. It is cut in thick slices, cooked with tomato and garnished with a few leaves of fresh basil. The modern-day version of this dish has its origins in the typical meals served in 18th century port taverns, called caupone, where the dish was cooked with fish and served it over slices of bread. One of the most outstanding recipes from Palermo, the capital of the island, is pasta con le sarde, a very old traditional dish with Arab and Italian influences that is made using very simple ingredients: sardines, fennel, pine nuts, onion, raisins and saffron In addition to the traditional pizza and pasta, another popular dish are rice balls or arancini, the pride and joy of Sicilian cuisine.

Arancini alla catanese is a version made with alla norma sauce and stuffed with eggplant and pistachos, the dish is a veritable explosion of flavors and freshness. If you want to add a truly Sicilian touch to your dishes, make sure you use Trapani salt. Es un viaje de olores y sabores originales: bienvenidos a la cocina siciliana. It also has a delicate flavor and mild saltiness that are highly coveted by local and international chefs.

The island of Sicily also has a sweet tooth. Finally, in the early 20th century, the city of Varese welcomed the first ice cream cart in history. The snow on Mount Etna, which the Arabs used to create Sicilian sorbets, was also the inspiration for granita, a sort of slush ice whose texture vary from city to city depending on the technique used to freeze it: to the east, it is smoother and made using an ice cream maker; in Palermo, it is thick and the ice is grated. And, in the summertime, all over Sicily, people have granita for breakfast, served over a slice of brioche like an open-faced sandwich.

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Spanish influence is apparent in pignolata, a typical carnival dessert presented in the form of little cones of fried dough dipped in honey. At the time of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Spanish noblemen decided to take this dessert that was all the rage among the poor and make it their own. In order to add a touch of exclusivity, they enhanced the recipe with an exquisite, chocolate or lemon, glazed icing.

Other Sicilian specialties include the well-known frutta de Martorana, a colorful fruit-shaped paste made of almonds, sugar and egg. In time, these curious little cakes took on new edible shapes, including bananas, watermelons and chestnuts, and even tomatoes, carrots and ears of corn: the entire repertoire of bright-colored sweets is specially reserved to honor the memory of the dead and celebrate life in the Sicilian paradise.

Ibiza is known worldwide for its beaches and crystal clear waters. Most of its beaches are small coves, spectacular enclaves surrounded by cliffs lined with pine trees and junipers. The first two are virtually untouched beaches. For six centuries, this nearly three-kilometer-long stretch of coastline was sparsely populated.

Surviving old black and white photos taken early in the last century show a seemingly infinitely long deserted beach, with a few palm trees adorning it in the middle that are still left standing today. The solitude these postcards convey conjures up images of the settings of stories akin toTreasure Island and Robinson Crusoe, two classic adventure novels written centuries ago by British authors Robert Louis Stevenson and Daniel Defoe. The first road here was built in the early nineteen thirties, at a time when there were barely any motor vehicles on the island.

They planned to build a seaside hotel with tennis courts and a pool. Ibiza es conocida mundialmente por sus playas y sus aguas cristalinas. Todos ellos han from the beach. Since the start of the 21st century, mundial. Desde la llegada del siglo XXI, la. These hotels confort a visitantes de alto nivel. Formentera mientras se relaja tomando el sol.

This tower is one of the many fortificaRossa, una de las muchas fortificaciones construidas para tions built in order to protect Ibiza from the raids of Barproteger a los ibicencos de los piratas bereberes. Esta torre bary pirates. La parte sur de la playa forma parte del Parque Nahealthy lifestyle. The southern part of the island is part tural de ses Salines y sus fondos marinos atraen a grupos of the Ses Salines Natural Park, and its ocean floors atde buceadores cada verano.

En la orilla es habitual ver a tract groups of divers each summer. Mar adentro, se suelen ver barcos de racing boats and windsurfers training or competing. Muchos de ellos Many of them stay at apartment complexes like the Bose alojan en complejos de apartamentos como Bora-Bora, ra-Bora, where the music and entertainment never stop. Today, David primeros temas. A wide range of urban tourism options, whether traveling for relaxation or with the family. Una gran variedad de apuestas de turismo urbano, modelo, de relax o familiar.

There is a lot to do: exhibitions, sports, culture, gastronomy All that in a hotel that is fully alive. Let yourself get carried away by all the options Only You has in store for you. Feel at home and just let things happen. Discover our urban hotel in Oviedo, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, author of numerous emblematic works throughout the planet.

Ayre Hotel Oviedo is an urban hotel that combines modernity and convenience; the perfect choice for a memorable stay in Oviedo, the capital of Asturias. Relax and enjoy your own music playlist with the iPod dock. The hotel features 6 meeting rooms. All of them are very spacious, with enough capacity for events of up to participants. Whether the event is social or professional, the hotel offers the technological means, services and human resources necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly. El hotel dispone de 6 salones de reuniones. Todos ellos muy espaciosos y con capacidad para celebrar eventos de hasta asistentes.

Dinner is served in the Arturo Serra Hall, a squaremeter room with seven-meter high ceilings. The room is furnished with round tables that accomodate guests, with a menu to be selected by the happy couple. All the food is prepared at the hotel with top quality ingredients. After dinner, there is a dance with a DJ and an open bar right inside the hall.

The happy couple will spend the night in the Honeymoon Suite on a bed and breakfast scheme. At the Terrace Hall, with impressive views of the city, they can continue with the banquet and party until five in the morning. The banquet may be extended with a light tea or late night snack. The newlyweds will enjoy the Honeymoon Suite. A la llegada de los novios al hotel se les obsequia con una copa de cava mientras los invitados pasan a la zona de aperitivos, servidos en bandejas en la zona del lobby, acotada para uso exclusivo durante aproximadamente una hora.

Toda la cocina se elabora en el hotel con ingredientes de primera calidad. La cocina Astoria y la discoteca Downtown son los principales elementos para una boda inolvidable en el Ayre Hotel Astoria Palace. Todo lo que necesitas para tu boda lo encuentras en los hoteles Ayre de Sevilla y Valencia. It makes them unstoppable! No doubt it is the team of people that welcomes our guests every day.

That is why we devote our energies to working with our team on those aspects that our guests appreciate the most. As a mix of growth and contribution. And realizing that the more you contribute, the more you get in return, so there is even more growth. Working with the various hotels, their teams and the entire corporate team has allowed us to further enrich each of the establishments included in the portfolio, hence providing feedback to the entire organization.

What did you learn from this and what did you contribute to it? And, in this sense, we can say that Ayre-Only You teaches: it teaches people. At Ayre, we demand a lot from ourselves. Like one hotelier said, we try to be our own worst critics! How do you manage to make that distinction? I would say with a mix of creativity, audacity and being demanding. Access is better than ownership. We often work on certain nuances and aspects that are almost verging on a freakish obsession with attentiveness and excellence in customer care One that is based on example, recognition and a passion for what I do.

What new projects are you excited about? Ultimately, we work on all this excitement with an attitude of keeping questions open, being non-conformist and committing to creativity. This is in line with a concept that I love repeating, which is the idea of over-delivering. So I under-promise and over-deliver!

He confirmado la fuerza que tiene un grupo de personas. Pueden llegar a ser imparables! De hecho, apostamos ahora por el. En Ayre nos ponemos el nivel de exigencia bien alto. Todo ello con un componente humano capaz de convertir la estancia de un cliente en algo especial. Incentivar el trabajo en equipo, potenciar la creatividad y favorecer el compromiso de lo trabajadores es clave en el trabajo de un director de operaciones.

Seguir con un concepto que me gusta mucho repetir, que es el de over-deliver. Cuenta con jardines acodegores, el restaurante Ibiza con buffet de comida internacional, ventanas con vitrales y elegantes pinturas. The hotel features cozy gardens; the Ibiza Restaurant, with its international buffet; stained glass windows and elegant paintings. Ask for the schedule at reception and enjoy your favorite sport.

The hotel features elegant rooms decorated with maximum attention to detail. It also has 7 Junior Suites —with room for three people— for more demanding customers. Customers on the Booking website have given it a wonderful 9. Dispone de elegantes habitaciones decoradas cuidando los detalles. Spectacular concerts and music festival all summer long.

The hotel is located in the most exclusive a residential area in this beautiful World Heritage Andalusian city. It is built on a spacious landscaped estate in perfect harmony with nature, with wide open spaces where you can enjoy outdoor activities. One of its gems for this summer is the spacious outdoor pool, with a pool bar that serves customers as they take a dip.

Enjoy the best drinks and cocktails while cooling off in a charming pool. Sun damage is cumulative, we should always use sun screen. Remember to apply it to the neckline and hands, these areas also need protection from the sun. Travel is tiring, we recommend that you use an under-eye cream, anti-age vitamins for your face and a firming cream to alleviate the feeling of tiredness. Es conveniente usar cremas hidratantes. Si se usa limpiador, que sea neutro para evitar que se elimine el ph de la piel.. Massumeh and her daughter Nasrim have specialized in keeping the traditions of the Royal Court of Ancient Persia alive with age-old formulas based on the use of medicinal plants aromatic essences and botanical extracts from the East with extracts made of caviar, gold, sapphire, pearls, malachite, silk, Damask rose water… All thanks to innovative biotechnology that helps promote long-term cell renewal.

The island becomes the place where everyone in the world would like to be. On Ibiza, you can enjoy the nightlife and the day time. La isla se convierte en el lugar donde todo el mundo quiere estar. Blue will be bringing you housey beats for a wonderful journey dancing outdoors at the open air daytime party in Ibiza.

Montauk offers fine dinning based on meat aged up to 60 days, some of it sourced at the Santa Gertrudis Farm. The Oyster is a place for sea food lovers, with the best oysters and caviar on Ibiza. El Oyster es, en cambio, el lugar para los sibaritas del mar, con las mejores ostras y caviar de Ibiza.

What does show cooking contribute to modern cuisine? Show cooking adds value to restaurants who stage it because it differentiates them from the competition. Customers are very drawn to this practice, since it allows them to interact with the chef. Where does your passion for wine come from? I think wine is culture, a product tied to the emotions. Pienso que el vino es cultura, un producto afectivo. What was it like when you first started working as a yoga and pilates instructor?

I started working as an instructor at hotels in Andalusia and Canarias. Then I came to Ibiza and joined the People of Palladium team in Why is the concept wellness becoming increasingly popular? Society as a whole is becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of physical exercise. Taking care of your body with pilates or aguagym classes, like the ones we offer at Palladium Hotels, is essential to ensure good health. What qualities should a good yogui possess? Empathy for her students. What makes Ibiza special as far as yoga is concerned? Ibiza is an island of contrasts where the lifestyle is quite intense, but also very tolerant.

That way of controlling energy that we have here on Ibiza has helped me improve my yoga practice. Soy de Alicante. Este mundo me atrae desde hace mucho. No he dejado de formarme. Cuidar el cuerpo con clases de pilates o aquagym como las que ofrecemos en los hoteles Palladium es fundamental para gozar de buena salud. Para eso hay que encontrar posiciones de seguridad.

By combining professionalism, a varied offer and very personal treatment. We offer a lot more than classic entertainment for children and adults. Our instructors and sports coaches are trained and qualified, in addition to having experience working with customers. The human element is as important as offering such popular services as wellness, yoga and volleyball. Is it easier to organize leisure. I visited the island for the first time in I was 12 and had three younger siblings. How did People of Palladium manage to become much more than just an entertainment team?

Children are eager to have fun. Often all they want is to get over their embarrassment and play volleyball on the beach and have a few laughs. If you can get them to do that, success is guaranteed. Vine a la isla por primera vez en Mezclando profesionalidad, variedad de oferta y un trato muy cercano.

El trato humano es tan importante como ofrecer servicios tan demandados como wellness, yoga o voleibol. The People of Palladium team takes the slogan of turning customers into fans quite literally. Junior Club —teenagers—, Mini Club —children— and Baby Club —childcare service for babies— are just three of the POP services on offer to help youngsters make the most of their holiday on Ibiza. Kids between the ages of 11 and 16 can enjoy sports, games, competitions and theme parties at Palladium and Fiesta Hotels.

Meanwhile, parents can rest assured knowing that their babies are in.

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En People of Palladium siguen al pie de la letra el lema de convertir a los clientes en fans. Cae la noche. Tienes ganas de pasar un buen rato, tomar una copa y bailar un poco. El personal de POP se preocupa con esmero por divertir a los adultos que pernoctan en los hoteles de Palladium. The entertainment staff organize a wonderful schedule of thematic parties to amuse the guests nights. People of Palladium, los responsables del entretenimiento en los hoteles ibicencos, programan un completo calendario de fiestas.

Night falls. You want to have a good time, enjoy a drink and dance a little. The bus to the airport from Ibiza town n. The bus to the airport from San Antonio n. A taxi to the airport from San. The best way to get around and reach every part of Ibiza is to rent a car. If you are looking for something more special, then go for traditional pottery or Adlib fashion. Taxi del aeropuerto a el centro de Ibiza, unos 18 euros. Taxi de aeropuerto a San Antonio, unos 20 euros. If the bank is closed, then you can probably exchange money at the reception of your hotel.

There are lots of places to satisfy your shopping appetite. Apart from the legendary hippy markets of Es Canar and Las Dalias, the area of the port in. If you want to get away from the crowds, you can enjoy visiting places like the cliffs off Cape Barbaria, where you can admire a lighthouse located in a completely unspoilt area. When hunger strikes, few places are more recommendable than Plaza Sant Francesc.

In an island of quiet leisure, having a drink or listening to music for a while on these terraces is one of the distinct pleasures that summer on Formentera has to offer. In this relaxation center, guests can enjoy the spa, thermal areas, cutting edge treatments and relaxing rituals. Letting go of the stress accumulated during long work days is often one of the main objectives of going on holiday. The qualified staff that teaches yoga and tai chi at Palladium Hotels will help guests learn to relieve stress.

Muscle tone is also guaranteed for those who opt for Pilates, zumba or body pump classes. If you want to break a sweat while enjoying the outdoors, the People of Palladium team offers guided tours on foot or by bike on the many paths adapted for these activities on Ibiza. The island is also the perfect place to enjoy water sports like windsurf, water skiing, kite surf, sailing, kayaking, diving and parasailing. What better way to enjoy a different side of Ibiza than practicing wellness and sports culture?

Afterward, you can easily replenish your strength by sampling the wine and local cuisine from Ibiza offered at Palladium Hotels. Para disfrutar de una Ibiza diferente, nada mejor que practicar la cultura del deporte. Third Half will become a booming stadium where you can follow the European Championship matches that will be disputed in France between June 11th and July 10th.

You can experience all the excitement of the matches on its 17 screens. Prizes will include dishes, snacks, cocktails and drinks inspired by traditional recipes from the 24 participating countries. There, families have every facility so that their children can enjoy themselves in complete safety, athletes can practice water volleyball or. Las piscinas de los hoteles de Grand Palladium, Palladium y Fiesta Hoteles en Ibiza son uno de los epicentros de estos establecimientos.

The largest island in Europe is the birthplace of a melting pot of cultures where Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Spaniards have all left their marks. Its stunning beaches, mountains and olive groves, combined with the majesty of Mt. Etna, make it a premier tourist destination. These are places where you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining activities. What part of Italy are you from? I live in a wonderful town in the mountains called Castelbueno, which is famous for its gastronomy. It is especially famous for the meat produced from the local livestock, and the mushrooms collected in the surrounding area.

In Castelbuono, we also specialize in making desserts like panettone. Every region in Italy has its own cuisine. Which is your favorite? I really like the cuisine of Emilia Romagna. They make incredible dishes there: lasagne, fresh and stuffed pasta They also have wonderful products like raw prosciutto, which is very typical in cities like Parma.

Customers want to try typical recipes from the island, especially, desserts. We often serve specialites like pasta alla norma with eggplant, tomato, basil and the everpresent ricota , timballo di anelletti a savory pie made of ring-shaped pasta and ground meat and arancini. Some prefer to combine pasta with fresh local fish, which I love to prepare.

Desserts include cassata di ricotta a sweet cheese , cannoli a sweet pastry stuffed with ricota and testa di turco a typical cake. Mediterranean diet. I love making dishes that combine the flavors and colors of Mediterranean. What are some of the most popular specialities ordered in the resort. Soy siciliano. Es particularmente famoso por la carne que produce el ganado local y las setas que se recogen en los alrededores del pueblo.

Me gusta mucho la cocina de la Emilia Romagna. Hablo de recetas como los platos de pasta con salsa de tomate fresco o de ingredientes como la albahaca o el aceite de oliva virgen. Es muy habitual servir especialidades como la pasta alla norma con berenjenas, tomate, albahaca y ricota , el timballo di anelletti un pastel salado de anillos de pasta y carne picada o los arancini. Entre los postres destacan la cassata di ricotta un queso dulce , los cannoli tubos de masa dulce rellenos de ricota y la testa di turco un tipo de pastel.

This border is used to the roaring volcanoes and earthquakes that often make it tremble, but have also helped create a fertile terrain full of spectacular landscapes. The intense study and control of seismic activity over the last few decades has assuaged the fears of Sicilians living on the slopes of Mt. The mountains in the center and south of Sicily are less pronounced, giving way to a series of hills lined with olive trees and Mediterranean forest.

Three kilometers. To get across this stretch of sea, known as the Strait of Messina, it is necessary to take one of the boats joining the land of Sicily with Calabria; since, throughout history, various projects to build a bridge from the continent to the island have proven fruitless. Underneath these waters, the sea floors make for fantastic diving or snorkeling. In addition to Italian, English is a basic, French and German.

These languages are essential. But the more languages you know, the greater your capacity to relate to the guests that stay at the hotel. We have visitors. Speaking several languages fluently is undoubtedly the main skill a receptionist should possess. How many languages do.

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One guest asked if I knew anyone in the Mafia that they could have their picture taken with. They wanted to take that photo home as a souvenir of Sicily. Normalmente, buscan relajarse bajo el sol y probar la comida siciliana. Ese pasado se palpa en los lugares imperdibles que el turista debe visitar. Hablar fluidamente varias lenguas es indudablemente la capacidad principal que debe poseer un recepcionista.

Esas lenguas son indispensables.

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Nos visitan personas de muchas nacionalidades. Also in its flavors. It is precisely the combination of these two factors that our customers are hoping to discover when they travel to Sicily. What skills must a good receptionist master? What are tourists looking for when they come to Sicily? This is a very beautiful island with an incredible history behind it. That past is palpable in some of the incredible places that. Both hotels offer a wide range of sporting activities. Enjoy the fun and wellness alone or with family and friends. La oferta deportiva de los dos hoteles es amplia. A group of certified fitness instructors and coaches offer guests at.

Por la noche, no hay opciones de aburrirse gracias a los shows de baile que organizan los hoteles de Palladium. I understand you began working in hospitality at a very young age. What did you learn? At the time, I worked as a waiter, but I met a great barman who became my mentor and taught me the secrets of bartending. I was fascinated by that occupation, and, from that moment on, I decided to learn everything about it. What is the ideal time to have a cocktail? What matters now is the moment.

The quality of the service and drinks are two essential factors; but, above all, our bars stand out because of the courtesy and friendliness of our barmen and waiters. In Sicily, we make a huge effort to offer customers the chance to sample local wines and liqueurs.

That way, visitors leave with the taste of Sicily on their palates,. Ahora importa el momento. En Sicilia nos esmeramos mucho en proponer a. Is gin still the favorite drink among customers, or have we moved on to vodka? The new trend in beverages is exploring other liquors, like Aperol, Campari and other more traditional drinks. Vodka is a fantastic base for making cocktails. Gin is still one of the best distillates for mixed drinks. In Sicily everything from starters to desserts is absolutely delicious sweets, coffees and ice-creams.

The offering is varied and affordable, and the seafood and vegetables are particularly good. For Italian fashion at great prices, you can spend an afternoon at the Outlet Sicilia Village. This shopping centre can be reached by bus from the hotel. Hola ya he realizado todas las mejoras solicitadas.

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