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Funny, surprising, original, it unfolds as smoothly as treacle dripping off a spoon, but much much faster. I did NONE of these things. Stay awake in lessons it helps. AVOID the class bully to stay out of trouble. Technically not a school issue - but still important. In 3 : invisible goodies — dastardly baddies — killer chickens poultry-geists!

In a nutshell : noble kings — evil laughs — chocolate Good versus evil is given a very funny workout in this the first book in what should become a very popular series. As kings go, Edwin is lovely, always distributing chocolate to his subjects. Andy Riley cleverly lampoons comic book conventions while simultaneously constructing an action story that will thoroughly satisfy their readers. Karen has made a name for herself with teachers, reading charities and librarians for producing fun and fast-paced stories that get the most reluctant of readers turning the pages.

Walter Brown and the Magician's Hat is a magical story bursting with adventure and excitement. Walter is woken on his 10th birthday by his cat Sixpence, and as he opens his presents he receives a rather special hat, with some rather special abilities. Black and grey illustrations bring the story to life, and Sixpence in particular looks very real and more than a little mischievous.

Amusing, imaginative and entertaining, this story is a perfectly magical treat. This really keeps me on my toes well, fingertips I suppose… and the great news is that every one of my readers wins. I also often get comments about how refreshing it is to have a book that can be read in a short space of time due to its manageable length. Many children who are not natural bookworms get a great sense of achievement from this — and those that read regularly find time to easily fit in my books alongside all the other distractions available to them.

So I hope I am doing my small part to inspire and support a love of reading. In a Nutshell: silliness — disguises - dogs Jeremy Strong continues to set the standard in comic writing for children and his Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog series is a tour de force of silliness. Trevor is determined not to let this happen and with his NOT-girlfriend Tina works out a clever plan.

Meanwhile, someone is kidnapping dogs, the fancier, the better. The plot proceeds at the kind of speed even Streaker would be pushed to match and this is joyfully, inspiringly ludicrous. Fans will be more than satisfied. Superfairies is a sweet new series about four little fairies, in which the emphasis is very much on kindness and helping others. In this springtime story the fairies are working together to clean their home inside the cherry blossom tree, when they get a call that one of their animal friends needs help.

They climb into the fairycopter and fly to the rescue as always. Little Basil the bear cub has got into trouble in the river and things are scary until the fairies manage to help him out. With just the right amount of risk and reassurance, and a gentle message about the danger of playing near water, this will charm young readers.

I also had a wonderful illustrated book about the tooth fairy that included, most importantly, instructions on how to ensure my tooth was not missed in exchange for some pocket money. So when Curious Fox was introduced to Rose, Berry, Silk and Star, we knew we wanted to bring the Superfairies to the next generation of girls and boys! The Superfairies live in a cherry blossom tree in Peaseblossom Woods, alongside their animal chums. A celebration for the changing seasons and the beauty of nature is always round the corner, and with summer fairs, petal parades and winter feasts, their active social lives alone could keep their calendar full all year round.

But nature also brings challenges. The fairies are torn: how can they protect their friends and still respect Mother Nature? There are plenty of times, however, that the animals need no help at all to get themselves in sticky situations. Wonder, curiosity and refusing to back down from dares are the prime culprits in keeping the Superfairies on red alert. Nature and technology harmoniously mix to aid animal rescues.

Each fairy has a special power: Berry uses her super eyesight to scout for missing animals and Silk spins super strong webs to make ladders or catch falling friends. When they work together, they can solve any problem. This happy union is echoed by the author and illustrator, who are partners in crime and friends in real life. Join the Superfairies on their rescues with books 1 to 4 available now, and books 5 and 6 publishing in August this year.

A classic Roald Dahl title, a most touching story of a boy and his very special father. Danny and his father live in a caravan parked right next to the garage where his father works. Danny father teaches him how to fix bits of car, reads him bedtime stories and introduces him to the wonders of nature. One night, Danny discovers his father has a secret.

He is a brilliant poacher and he is determined to outwit the local gamekeepers.

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How Danny helps his father carry out his most daring plan of all without being caught is a thrilling read and a triumph for father and son. Jeremy Strong knows just how to pitch a story to junior readers and the three different adventures in this collection have all his hallmarks: exaggerated characters; bags of slapstick; fast, furious storytelling that still leaves children with something to think about. Pudding Lane Primary, as explained in the first story, is the proud owner of a pet ostrich, Iris aka Mad Iris.

Loveable world-class detective Timmy Failure is back for a new adventure. And his business partner and side-kick Total, a. Can Timmy keep out of trouble at school and ahead of the game? There are laughs a plenty as Timmy finds himself in — and out - of some ludicrous situations. The combination of hilarious words and drawings will have even the most reluctant readers laughing their way through another great story from Stephan Pastis. It makes for lively reading — another winner from a writer who always finds the net. Barrington Stoke is the foremost publisher of dyslexia friendly books and those for reluctant readers.

The story will satisfy its readers thoroughly and Max looks set to give Dork diarist Nikki a run for her money. Finding out just what leads up to this is very funny indeed and readers will be pleased to hear that Rafe still returns home something of a hero. How do you see off the school bully? A farm boy himself he is quite at home with the big bully Olly and he dares Darren to come up close too. A gripping story with a surprising ending. In a nutshell: historical adventures full of facts and fun Not since Horrible Histories has the past been brought to life for young readers so accurately and with so much humour.

Written in partnership with the National Trust in the form of the diary of a young boy, page to a knight at Widemoat Castle, the story recounts an exciting episode in his life culminating in an attack on the castle by the rebellious Welsh. You can always rely on Philip Ardagh to add humour and this rollicking story has some very good jokes as well as appealing characters.

A winning combination! It's much more serious than that. From Hillsborough to Munich and the Heysel Stadium, Alan Gibbons examines the worst events in football in a way that enables young fans to understand what happened and why. A fan himself, his book still celebrates the best of football too as a way to bring people together. Meres gives almost-eleven-year old Darren a very authentic voice, and his diary extracts are broken up at regular intervals by lists and fun facts, making this very accessible.

A fun and satisfying story to make reading rock! September Fascinating Facts Book of the Month Anything you can imagine, you can animate says this stimulating book, and it explains clearly and simply the ten key skills readers need to become expert animators, starting with flipbook loops and ending with special effects, lighting and camera skills. The instructions are carefully worded to be friendly and easy to follow, while the colour illustrations on every page help to explain the different processes, and keep it all feeling fun and uncomplicated.

There are lots of extra handy tips in text flashes, a page of useful links and a glossary with definitions of technical and unfamiliar terms. This is an inspiring and really useful guide for young would-be animators. This is a hilarious story of dead fish, gorillas with bananas in their ears, poetry, cunning plans and highly legal documents kind of. Oh and iPads, iPhones and vlogging of course. Oh the horror, the indignity! The days when people would sit around the fire playing board games, take long walks and do jigsaw puzzles — all the time. Will Louis convince his parents that social media and technology are good things after all?

Or will Louis have to find another way to make his voice heard? In an age where the issue of technology and social media addiction is becoming ever more topical and debated, How to Update Your Parents provides a fresh outlook on the subject and shows both sides of the argument in a thoroughly entertaining, non-judgmental, and hilarious way.

A successful mix of pedal-action, friendship and fantasy adventure, this is a very satisfying story for newly confident readers. Brilliantly visualised, these graphic novel versions of the best-selling stories of boy spy Alex Rider add a fantastic new dimension to the original and terrific for getting even the most reluctant of readers to enjoy the experience of reading. Following the death of his guardian, Alex is forcibly recruited into MI6 and so finds himself off on some seriously hair raising missions in which he faces terrible danger and the real risk of death. In the second in the series, PointBlanc he is taken from his own school and sent to infiltrate the mysterious Point Blanc Academy.

Can he uncover the horrible secret behind what is going on? Alex Rider is a perfect hero. He spends some of the proceeds on tickets to the cinema and particularly likes musicals. When he accidentally stumbles onto a real film set, his special talent is suddenly revealed: when Hari dances, everyone has to join in. It makes him a local celebrity then, with the help of his friend Mr Ram, Hari uses his gift to spread happiness further afield.

With his mother badly injured and in a coma he goes to stay with his uncle in his strange, crumbling house. Fast-moving, with a great sense of the natural world as well as hints at supernatural beings — good and bad — this is a thoroughly satisfying tale of young people saving the day. Other authors creating addictive and irresistible page-turners for young readers include Steve Cole, Liz Pichon and Jim Smith.

Jimmy is determined to follow his dream of a company run by kids for kids, despite the scepticism of parents, teachers and the bank. Maddy is a warm, thoroughly engaging central character, with just a touch of the Emma Woodhouse about her, and the ballet scenes will leave readers itching to stand at the barre. A different take on the football story, this is fun and easy to read, and the banter between George and her mates is top division stuff. But can he win over Miss Vowel, who seems to care more for her growing collection of school pets than any of her pupils? Guy hascreated a wonderfully grotesque cast of characters, headed up of course by awful Aidan, for whom I have a ridiculous soft spot, horrid creature though he is.

A special 15th anniversary edition of this award-winning classic adventure from Eva Ibbotson in which orphaned Maia travels from England to the Amazon with her governess. As the horror of that is sinking in, the situation gets even more frightening and he meets a dangerous girl who is able to control others with her thoughts. Each title has a host of unique accessibility features to offer cracking reads to more children including reluctant and struggling readers and those with dyslexia or visual stress. Here at Lovereading4kids we are constantly selecting the best of their new and backlist titles to recommend to you.

This time the Kidds are in Russia and hot on the trail of some missing masterpieces of the art world. Chapter are short but always full of action, and full of appealing illustrations too. The Kidds are a fun bunch of people to spend time with and kid readers will feel well and truly part of the action.

This is fiction to get even the most reluctant readers avidly turning the pages. Each child has an obvious revolting characteristic and each of their stories is hugely disgusting, richly inventive and cheeringly anarchic. Walliams has created a unique take on the classic cautionary tale. There is a huge emphasis on surreal humour in this book. I hope children around the world will enjoy it, even the most reluctant reader.

These stories are a joy and will have children everywhere reading all summer long. Only David Walliams could deliver such a wonderful book as such a terrific surprise. In a short book of less than 80 pages Malorie Blackman delivers an exciting, incisive story with a credible, interesting central character and powerful message about the importance of taking a stand and fighting for what you believe in. Michela travels through space with her people on an Alliance spaceship commanded by her mother.

Like all her friends she wears a Peace Maker non-aggression gadget. When an apparently hostile spaceship demands they put forward a champion or face destruction, Michela steps up, with surprising results. Exciting, thought-provoking stuff. The background is vividly described, and fascinating, whether you know your nunchaku from your shuriken or not, and Chris Bradford is an expert at keeping the tension high.

Everyone thinks they know what it's like, going to school. But have you ever wondered what life must be like at a boarding school? A school for young offenders? A school for the blind? With her trademark humour, insight, sensitivity and razor-sharp wit, Anne Fine explores these different worlds in a short story collection that will fascinate young readers. Author: J. This large print, dyslexia-friendly edition of the most famous sports book in the wizarding world pairs J. Rowling's original text with gorgeous jacket art by Jonny Duddle and line illustrations throughout by Tomislav Tomic.

This is a special large print edition of J. Full of magic and trickery, these classic tales both entertain and instruct, and remain as captivating to young wizards today as they were when Beedle first put quill to parchment in the fifteenth century. The boy at the centre of the story — we never learn his name — is poor, lonely and bullied by other children because of his selective mutism. The dog he rescues from a car crash that has killed its owner is subject to its own set of painful compulsions, finding out why is one of the surprises and rewards of the story.

This will absorb readers, from the opening page to its warm, uplifting final line. His life is quite literally an uphill struggle, but his instinct to help others leads him to a healing bond with an extraordinary little dog and ultimately to find his voice again. He doggedly persists until he achieves his goals — working hard to understand what the little dog is trying to communicate to him.

The final twist of the story highlights the lightness of touch and humour throughout. A Different Dog draws on many experiences in these fields. And of course, it also draws on my own childhood. It was a matter of putting my hand into the lucky dip of my own mind. One of the influences on a writer would have to be the books that he or she has read themselves.

But somewhere in the back of our minds are tucked the stories we have enjoyed in the past. Of the books that I loved when I was aged between thirteen and fifteen I can think of three which I turn back to and read again and again. They are still readily available more than fifty years later.

Teenagers and adults love these stories. I still have my old copies and like to look at their torn and worn covers which beckon me from years gone by. Here they are: Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. A boy and a runaway slave on the Mississippi River. How I wished I was on that raft. And little did I know that I would still be amazed by their wonderful adventures all these years later. The Snow Goose by Paul Gallico. A girl, a bird and disabled man feature in this moving story. When you finish it you just know that there is an untold truth hinted at within the main story and it makes you think for weeks after you have read it.

This is a lovely story about a boy, an old man and a fish. I can tell you how I think A Different Dog came into being. When I was eight years old, I had to bury a dead dog. This unpleasant memory was the starting point for my new book. I began writing about how I felt while I was digging the grave for the poor animal. But as the story developed I dropped this bit out altogether and came up with a dog named Chase that was alive but very strange indeed.

As the wrapping paper came off, something else revealed itself and the story changed completely. It was not about death any more but had ended up being about … Well, what do you think? Paul Jennings, And a gun. With their lives now in danger, fearless Fran steps up and deploys immense nerve in an effort to extricate them from this hugely hazardous situation. The sharp, snappy style combined with criminal-themed content not forgetting the white-knuckle ride of an escape scene… put me in mind of Alex Rider, only with the action rooted around three small town heroes-next-door, rather than an international hi-tech hero.

It opens with a scene in which a young rook is attacked by a larger bird. Nicky and his younger brother Kenny save it. For all his nerve Nicky is vulnerable, and things could easily go wrong for him, instead they start to look up. Bit like us, eh? The follow up to Railhead, this is set in a gleaming future world where trains, great, beautiful sentient machines, travel from one world to the next.

Romance is never far away either, not least the romance of travelling on beyond the sunset. Full of scenes and images that bring you up short, and driven by an unstoppable plotline, this is epic, dazzling stuff. In Holes, best-selling author Louis Sachar showed his understanding and compassion for a group of boys who have got outside the system. Bradley seems unable to change but then Carla arrives.

Carla believes in Bradley; gradually Bradley begins to believe in himself. Without preaching and with his familiar humour, Sachar tells a heartwarming story. Older brother Nicky narrates the story of the day he and his younger brother Kenny set out on a simple day out on the moors. Proposed by their father as a way of filling time while they wait nervously for their mum to return from her new life in Canada, it is meant to a fun day out tinged with a bit of nostalgia as they are retracing a walk that he used to enjoy.

But the simple walk which begins in a light hearted way soon becomes a deadly dangerous adventure as the weather conditions close in, the boys get completely lost and Kenny has to show exceptional courage and intelligence to make sure he can get Kenny home safely. Anthony McGowan maintains the intensity of the story throughout while also keeping the writing simple. May Book of the Month Interest Age Teen Reading Age 8 When a billionaire phone-tech entrepreneur challenges the Year Eleven pupils in her former school to switch off their phones for six weeks, Esther is determined to rise to the occasion.

Thought-provoking and topical, this pacey read is especially suitable for reluctant and dyslexic teen readers. June Book of the Month June Book of the Month In a nutshell: themes of fatherhood, memory and guilt explored in haunting YA novella Mal Peet, who died in , wrote with extraordinary sensitivity and insight and this novella, freshly published by Barrington Stoke, is testimony to his talent. Benjamin finds himself by accident outside his old home and revisits memories of the garden and treehouse that 20 years ago were such a key part of his childhood. His father built the treehouse for him but it quickly changed from being a place of shared stories to something less happy — a hideaway from his mother, a hiding place for his father as he turned away from the outside world.

The story is a painful one, years on Ben is still torn by conflicting loyalties, still angry with his father, still guilty for abandoning him. His return brings some new perspectives, but no happy resolution. There is so much depth and reality to the relationship between his characters; I hope to illustrate something of those spacious places he has created in between the lines. The huge, ancient beech tree at the centre of this story is a real treat for an illustrator. In a nutshell: football-set story, accessible to all readers Jackson Law is a talented footballer, newly signed to the United youth squad.

An enjoyable and exciting contemporary story. Archie is devastated at the news his parents are splitting up. He and his dad are very close and when he realises that his father is leaving for another man — something his two sisters have already worked out — the shock has a physical impact. Archie has already been the victim of bullying and, perhaps to avoid a repeat, has become friends with the bullies at his new school; he is terrified of their reaction to the news.

Annabel Pitcher portrays Archie with real insight and readers will understand completely the agony he feels. She chooses to end the story in a supermarket where the aisles, through their very prosaic normality, open up a world of hope and new beginnings. Published by dyslexia specialists Barrington Stoke, this will be accessible to all readers and is worth recommending to all readers.

Inspired by a passion to articulate the complex realities of life for teenagers — especially boys — around sexuality, loss, depression and family dynamics, Annabel has created an extraordinary narrator in Archie, a fabulous plotline and a cracking cast of characters as the story is propelled towards a remarkable final encounter. As an ex-English teacher, I have seen first-hand how much these books mean to readers who long to access stories but are daunted by words. As a mum of two sons, it was interesting trying to get inside the head of a teenage boy.

Beautiful full page illustrations by Alex T Smith send more shivers down the spine; one to read with all the lights on. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant and dyslexic teen readers. Rock Wars is now at the halfway mark and only six bands remain. But there's plenty of music to face offstage as well as on. With one foot still in the school of hard knocks, and the other in hard rock heaven, singer Summer has to get herself back on track after being hit by a motorbike. With its heady mix of glamour and grit, and a cast of characters who run the gamut from smart, self-aware cynics to easily led-astrays, this is a seriously addictive read.

Put on your finest threads and dive into the mosh pit of a plot that has more pace than a speed metal B-side! Each has suffered heartache and each has experienced loss, yet dealt with it in very different ways. They meet in unusual circumstances and soon find themselves battling for their lives. The introduction set me on high alert, it took me a few seconds to understand what I was looking at, it was certainly intriguing and I immediately wanted to know more.

Matt Dickinson doesn't shy away from difficult subjects, he exposes pain, corruption, loss, fear and meets them head on, yet with undeniable sensitivity. Matt says: Yes, probably I am best known for my Everest adventures, but I have plenty of other themes that I want to explore. In my previous series Mortal Chaos, I based the stories around chaos theory and the chain reactions that cause disasters. With Lie Kill Walk Away I wanted to create a very different form of adventure, a thriller environment in which two teenage protagonists are trying, quite literally, to save the world.

We think this is great book for reluctant readers and Matt agrees.. Reluctant readers are often boys with short attention spans. I am the same in my reading habits; I strongly dislike books that are overwritten or just way too slow. I can promise readers of Lie Kill Walk Away that they will be in for a very fast read.

Having recently discovered that her dad is none other than global rockstar Johnny Jefferson, Jessie is settling in LA with Johnny and his new family. Find out what it takes to become an astronaut, and as well as the qualities and training needed. Features outline a day? Readers will snap up this high-interest title about a job that is truly out of this world!

Many kids dream of playing major league baseball. But what sets professional players apart? This high-interest title takes readers through the life of a baseball player, from practices to games on the road, and outlines the path to playing professional ball. Informative sidebars highlight required experience and traits, outline a game day checklist, and introduce a famous player. Are you ready for the big leagues? A sleek jet shoots through the sky, looking for enemy planes. The pilot in the cockpit has been through countless flight hours and training to reach this point.

This high-interest title examines a career as a fighter pilot, from education and training to required gear and skills. A career path sidebar charts a pilot? Young readers can find out if they have what it takes to soar in this exciting read. Drugs and Their Dangers explores the dangers of marijuana, heroin, opioids, e-cigarettes, and methamphetamines.

Readers will learn about the history of each drug, its effects on users and society, and what treatments are available. E-cigarettes and vape pens may look harmless and come in fun flavours, but they can pack many times the addictive power of traditional cigarettes. E-Cigarettes and Their Dangers looks at the consequences of e-cigarette use on the body, e-cigarettes as a gateway to other drug use, and what withdrawal and treatment looks like for users. With the country experiencing a rising heroin addiction problem, teens need to be informed about the risks and dangers of this incredibly addictive drug.

Heroin and Its Dangers looks at stories of addiction, the history of the drug, its toll on the body, and what users can do for treatment. The past is full of mysterious events. How did ancient people build pyramids. What is Stonehenge for? Explore history's mysteries through closely level text, dynamic imagery, and visual infographics. Maybe the explanations for these events are simple - or maybe there's something strange going on.

From noble knights to stealthy ninjas, history is full of incredible warriors who went through gruelling training and led daring lives. Through labeled images, maps, and other graphics, this series brings history to life and takes readers back in time to see how some of the world's greatest warriors lived and fought. Step back in time, and discover the lives gladiators led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged. Step back in time, and discover the lives knights led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged.

Step back in time, and discover the lives ninja led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged. The Incredible series tells engaging, exciting, and touching recent and historical stories about people and animals doing brave, daring, and surprising things.

This is a high-interest page-turner series about animal feats, athletic feats, daredevil stunts, suspensful mysteries, epic rescues, and extreme survival stories that will keep readers engaged. Few areas of human achievement have had a bigger impact than science and technology. Every part of our lives is affected by the discoveries, inventions, and breakthroughs made in a wide variety of fields.

Discover new robotics, explore the world of electronics, find out how the Internet has changed the world, and much more. In this series, readers will get a solid introduction to some of the most important sectors of science and technology to help get them ready to make their own contributions in the future! Is there a more important force in the world than electricity? From the lights that brighten our nights to the computers that help run our lives.

Inside, find out more about electricity-what it is, what it can do now, and what it can do next! In this series, get a solid introduction to some of the most important parts of science and technology to help you get ready to make your own contributions in the future! Key Icons to look for have been placed throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain awareness, explore possibilities and expand their viewpoints through our content rich no n-fiction books.

Key Ico. The combination of the power of electricity with the invention of the microprocessor created a vast new swarm of machines. Electronics is the watchword for the biggest new industry of the last years. From phones to computers to televisions and more, electronics connect our world. Inside, find out more about the most important parts of this vital industry.

Key Icons are. A phone, a computer, a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, and more-how many devices are part of your life? Creative inventors have built hundreds and thousands of new small machines that help in every area of life. Inside, find out the latest on gadgets large and small, hard at work in every room of your house. Key Icons are as follows: Words t. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. But time is the driver of technological development.

See how the inventions we use every day, from cars to cell phones, have evolved from their birth to today? A running timeline on each page makes this series perfect for supporting STEM topics in the elementary grades. This book for elementary readers highlights the changes in automobiles from the first steam-powered cart to today? Engaging photographs and a running timeline illustrate important developments in technology that brought ideas to real-life.

Island Readers & Writers | Inspiring a Passion for Reading and Learning

This book for elementary readers highlights how maps and technology have changed the way people find their way from place to place. Full-color photos and a running timeline help show how changes in ways we travel and new technology have carried us from using to stars to today? Elementary readers will follow the sequence of how wireless technologies have brought us from the first Morse code radio transmission to today? Climb in, buckle up, and hold on tight! Whether towing or off-roading, these powerful trucks will take you where you need to go.

This series for reluctant readers explores how the toughest trucks on the road are used for work and play. The Chevrolet Silverado is a truck built to work hard! From its 2, pound payload to its sensors that let drivers know if what they are hauling is unbalanced, this truck makes getting the job done easier. This title will inform readers of the history and smart features that make the Chevrolet Silverado a top-selling truck. Ford has come a long way since its Model T beginnings!

The company has grown to develop some of the United States? The Ford F's numerous models and special fuel-saving alloy bodies make this model a fit for everyone. Young readers can hop behind the wheel of the Ford F in this engine-revving title. This truck's special, one-piece body makes it a strong, safe, and light machine. Bright photos and fascinating facts fill this title about Honda's popular truck. The music industry produces the songs people hear over the radio each day. It is a popular and competitive industry. Creative professionals, such as musicians and songwriters, create music.

Other professionals, such as music therapists, use music to help people. Work in the Music Industry explores different careers in the music industry, including the training and educational requirements as well as the future outlook for each career. Many professional athletes are famous around the world. But athletes make up just one part of the professional sports industry. Coaches, trainers, and other professionals also help make this a popular and successful industry. Work in the Professional Sports Industry explores different careers in the professional sports industry, including the training and educational requirements as well as the future outlook for each career.

Do you have what it takes to call the shots? Directors are involved with all the decisions for a movie, from costumes and music to casting and editing. Learn about what fills their jam-packed days and who supports them on set in this high-interest title. Features highlight education and qualities needed to succeed as well as common career paths to reach the top. This engaging read lets striving readers peek behind the scenes of a movie set and see what happens when the camera isn?

The flag goes down and the cars accelerate down the track. But what do race car drivers do when they aren? This high-interest title shows how drivers work with their race team, check and test their car, prepare their gear, and perform other tasks before race day. A narrative opening places the reader in the driver?

Step on the gas toward the future with this fast-paced read! Lights, camera, and a lot of action! Stunt performers throw themselves into danger every day. But each move is carefully planned to be as safe as possible. Find out what an average day looks like for stunt performers, and the skills and crews they need to keep themselves safe in the face of danger.

Sidebars introduce a leader in the field as well as the training and experience needed to succeed. Get ready to live life on the edge in this this title for striving readers! With many states legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, it is important for teens to understand the risks and dangers of marijuana. Marijuana and Its Dangers looks at how marijuana use affects the brain, how addiction affects the life of the user and society, and what treatment options look like for those in need.

Methamphetamine is an incredibly toxic and addictive drug. Methamphetamine and Its Dangers examines the history of methamphetamine, health risks of using the drug, the toll it takes on the lives of users, and what rehabilitation options are available. Opioids come in many forms, including prescribed painkillers that can be dangerous when misused. The deadly drug heroin is also an opioid. Opioids and Their Dangers examines what opioids are and what the risks of using them are.

Readers will learn about the physical damages the opioids do to the body, how addiction affects others, and what treatment for opioid dependence looks like. Step back in time, and discover the lives pirates led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged.

Step back in time, and discover the lives samurai led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged. Step back in time, and discover the lives Vikings led through labeled graphics, fun facts, and age-appropriate text that separates fact from fiction while keeping readers interested and engaged.

Only in the last decades, however, have we had a real chance to find out the answers. Inside, follow the path of science and courage that took us outside of our world, meet the people who made the discoveries, and find out where we? Key Icons are as follows: Words to Unde. The world has never been more connected-thanks to the Internet. Most people can? Inside, find out how the Internet works, and how some of its most important features can be a part of your life, your work, and more.

Key Icons are as follows: Words to Understand are shown at the front of each chapter with definitions. The dream of making machines think has been part of science fiction for more than a century. The reality of such automated machines is only now coming true. The science of robotics combines computer power, engineering excellence, and true creativity to build machines that will make our lives easier.

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  • Inside, find out about the most important advances and meet the most fascinating robots in the world. Key Icons to look for have been placed throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge, gain awareness, explore possibilities and expand their viewpoints through our conten. Elementary readers will follow the sequence of how robots have changed from early automatons to today? Full-color photos and a running timeline illustrate important robotic breakthroughs.

    This book for elementary readers describes the sequence of inventions that brought us from outdoor cesspits to today? Engaging photos and a running timeline illustrate important ideas and inventions that have changed the way we dispose of our waste. This book for elementary readers highlights the evolution of space travel, from the very first satellite to today?

    Engaging photos and a running timeline highlight important space travel missions through history, including the Apollo missions, the space shuttle program, and the International Space Station. From rough roads to city streets, the Nissan Frontier is the perfect pickup for any adventure! This midsize truck is designed to go off-road with its special safety features allowing the driver to focus on the wheel. Its sleek styling turns heads while it rolls along downtown streets. Young readers will want to buckle up for this thrilling title.

    The Ram is ready to take on any job or heavy load! Its option of a hemi engine gives this tough truck power while the suspension system provides a smooth ride. Impressive facts, figures, and photos fill this low-level title. Its attractive styling and Safety Sense P system make it a top choice for city driving, too.

    Young readers can gear up for an exciting ride with this high-interest read. With so many career possibilities, how does one decide which path to follow? One way is to focus on the things we like to do. Problem solvers might thrive as cybersecurity analysts or biomedical engineers and people who like social interaction might enjoy social work or sales.

    The Career Exploration series profiles a variety of jobs and career fields that are well-suited to particular interests. When problem solvers encounter mysteries, complications, or seemingly impossible tasks, they don? They search for solutions. Many job options exist for people who like problem solving.

    They work as cybersecurity experts, biomedical engineers, law enforcement officers, and more. What these and other jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed along with insights from industry insiders. Careers that incorporate research and analysis as a regular part of the job span multiple fields. Some examples of careers that entail gathering and analyzing information include information security analyst, epidemiologist, environmental scientist, forensic accountant, and paralegal, among others. What the jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed along with insights from industry insiders.

    Individuals that enjoy and are good at working with others are in demand in a wide range of industries and occupations. Some examples of careers that entail lots of social interaction include social workers, teachers, human resource specialists, hair stylists, and event planners, among others. People who love the creative arts use their talents to work in film, fashion, health care, tech, and many other fields.

    Young people who are uncertain about their future careers may want to start with what they enjoy or dream about-like, for instance, travel. A wide variety of careers involve travel, from flight attendant to hospitality manager, travel nurse, or ESL teacher. What the jobs entail, what they pay, and future prospects are discussed, along with insight from industry experts. People who don? From becoming a makeup artist to learning the plumbing trade, these people use their hands and their minds to get out in the world and do something practical, useful, and enjoyable.

    The Contemporary Issues series will give readers a better understanding of many of today? Each book examines four key questions related to a controversial topic, with essays that detail the most commonly heard arguments on both sides of the discussion. The arguments contained within are supported by data from experts as well as nonpartisan reports, allowing the reader to make his or her own informed decision on the issue. More than 7 billion people live on Earth today, so making sure that the planet remains habitable and hospitable for our species is of vital importance.

    Yet, many scientists are concerned that human activity-from water and air pollution to the emission of greenhouse gases that affect the climate-threatens the stability of the environment. This book examines differing viewpoints on how to best protect our environment and utilize the earth? Mental health issues have been part of life as long as human beings have existed.

    Like physical illnesses, mental health problems can strike anyone at any time. But mental illnesses are not discussed openly in the same way as physical health problems, because of the stigma surrounding them. Understanding mental health is the key to talking about it openly, and having open conversations can help people with mental illness live happier, more fulfilling lives.

    According to current statistics, about 40 million Americans currently live in poverty. These individuals face many challenges, from an inability to afford food and shelter to greater health problems due to lack of proper care and nutrition. The US government provides a variety of programs to help the poorest Americans. Yet people are divided on the best ways to address this social problem. The merits and drawbacks of various approaches are discussed in this book. Social media facilitates the creation and sharing of information and ideas online, through electronic devices like smart phones, laptops, personal computers, or tablets.

    Today, an estimated 2. Yet, the growing role of social media in everyday life has raised challenging questions about privacy, advertising, and the effect on young people that are addressed in this book. The United States has a long and difficult history of race relations. Although slavery was ended after the American Civil War in , its legacy continues today in education, employment, housing, and the criminal justice system. This book examines the roles that society and government could play in changing attitudes toward race and creating a country where people are judged on the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin.

    The United States was founded, in part, on religious freedom-the idea that government should not be involved in the ways that people worship their deity or practice their religion. However, because historically most Americans belonged to Christian denominations, often religious symbols were incorporated into public buildings and government activities.

    In recent years, however, the legitimacy of these symbols has been challenged in the courts. The essays in this book examine major issues related to religious freedom today. The myths of ancient Greece live on in the Exploring Greek Mythology series. Villains, goddesses, gods, and heroes come to life in these volumes.

    Children’s Literature for ALL

    The stories vividly illustrate the cultural values and customs of ancient Greek society. Side bars, fully documented quotes, and full-color images add depth and insight. From the creation of the cosmos and the emergence of the Greek gods, to the adventures of the heroic strongman Hercules, Greek mythology is filled with epic and exciting tales. These stories are still retold in novels, movies, and TV shows in each new generation. Each new generation absorbs and passes along these charming tales. Mighty Zeus wielding his frightening thunderbolts and Apollo revealing the future at his famous temple at Delphi are only two of the images of ancient Greek gods that have survived to the present.

    Modern renditions of them, in venues ranging from classic comics to Star Trek, continue to keep these super-beings alive in the public eye. Invisible to the eye and wearing special shoes that allowed him to fly, the courageous Perseus slew the bloodthirsty monster Medusa. That familiar tale is among the many surviving stories about bold and courageous heroes from the ancient Greek myths, which continue to be told and retold, including on film.

    From power-hungry tyrants to frightening monsters to murderous women, including Medea, who killed her own children, Greek mythology is still alive with tales of classic villains. In novels, as well as on movie and TV screens, these nasty characters continue to enact their evil deeds. Suicide is among the top three causes of death for young people ages 15 to More broadly, it is a national epidemic touching people of all ages--from those who consider and attempt suicide to those left behind after a loved one commits suicide.

    Author Connie Goldsmith examines the risk factors for suicide including mental illness, substance abuse, domestic abuse, and bullying as well as preventive measures that can help people control and mitigate those risk factors. A fandom is a community of people-fans-who share a passion, be it a play, novel, movie, TV show, sports team, celebrity, game, or hobby.

    Take a look at how some fans turn that passion into their own creative expressions. Writers and videographers produce fanfiction and fanvids. Cosplayers create and dress in costumes as characters from their fandoms. Fan artists create a head-spinning array of visual arts, from digital paintings to webcomics. Video-gaming fandoms are a world in themselves, with practices from game designing to game modifications.

    See how fanworks are produced and shared with their communities, and learn about the surprising influence that they have. Citizen science has opened up the world of scientific research to anybody and everybody. It is being done in all areas of science-including zoology, biology, astronomy, chemistry, and more.

    Some projects involve going outside and observing nature while others revolve around data obtained and shared over the internet. And whether one has scientific training or not, the contributions being made by citizen scientists are making a difference. The media regularly reports on border walls, migrant caravans, asylum seekers, and undocumented immigrants. But what are the stories behind the headlines? Crisis on the Border: Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants closely examines the people, the politics, and the policies driving one of the most important issues of the day.

    No matter the sport, athleticism and hard work are central to athletic performance. But there is more going on when a person runs, jumps, kicks, or throws. Physical forces and biomechanical factors help determine speed, stamina, accuracy, and more. The Science and Technology of Sports series examines the biomechanics, physics, and mathematical principles that shape athletic performance and competition.

    How these factors influence training and common injuries is also discussed. Athleticism and hard work are central to athletic performance. Various physical forces and biomechanical factors also help determine speed, stamina, accuracy, and more. The Science and Technology of Baseball shows how science, tech, and even math shape and sometimes alter athletic achievement. The Science and Technology of Basketball shows how science, tech, and even math shape and sometimes alter athletic achievement. The Science and Technology of Football shows how science, tech, and even math shape and sometimes alter athletic achievement.

    The Science and Technology of Hockey shows how science, tech, and even math shape and sometimes alter athletic achievement. The Science and Technology of Soccer shows how science, tech, and even math shape and sometimes alter athletic achievement. The Thinking Critically series introduces students to the complex issues that dominate public discourse and challenges them to become discerning readers, to think independently, and to engage and develop their skills as critical thinkers.

    Illegal immigration remains one of the most contentious issues in the United States today. Social, political, and legal issues involving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people continue to make headlines and spark discussions and arguments. School shootings in the United States have produced heated debates about how to prevent gun violence in schools.

    Tara's sister died a year ago, on the day that Tara didn't answer her phone when Hannah called. And Hannah stepped in front of a bus. Now Tara lives with the guilt of wondering if things would be different if she had been there when Hannah needed her most. Competing in slam poetry competitions is the only way Tara can keep her sister's memory alive and deal with all the unanswered questions. But at some point, Tara is going to have to let Hannah rest in peace, and she will need to find a way to move on.

    The art world is ever changing. Although painting and sculpture still have a strong following, many of today? The Art Scene series focuses on what some of today? Each book introduces readers to influential artists and presents brief historical background as well as highlighting the work of a variety of contemporary artists and their art. Animation was once considered primarily children? Today, animation provides entertainment for children and adults. It also is featured in all sorts of instructional, scientific, and legal simulations.

    The Art of Animation discusses what today? Japan's anime animated films and manga illustrated books have gained millions of loyal fans all over the world. The roots of these industries lay in the country? The Art of Manga and Anime discusses what today? While familiar superheroes remain popular, a new generation of comics creators is focused on non-traditional characters. The Art of Comics discusses what today? Graffiti is largely illegal in most American communities, but that hasn? The Art of Graffiti discusses what today? Whether a map explaining the subway system, an Internet meme about women?

    The Art of Graphic Communication discusses what today? For decades tattoos were mostly rendered onto the biceps of sailors, construction workers, and outlaw bikers, but starting in the s a new generation of artists sparked a renaissance in body art. Now tattoos reflect a high degree of artistic talent and have long since moved from the biceps of roughnecks to the torsos of the artists? The Art of Tattoo discusses what today? The criminal justice system is highly complex, and includes both the activities of law enforcement officers as well as court proceedings.

    Often, social and economic factors come into play in the arrests, trials, and rehabilitation and many people recognize that there are problems with the system. Education reform advocates consistently look for new ways to improve the nation? This book explores major issues in education today, including the pros and cons of the Common Core curriculum, the benefits of charter schools, and the effectiveness of standardized testing. Historically, gun ownership has always held an important place in American culture. Today, Americans own more than million guns, and many view firearms as a symbol of self-reliance and a critical defense against the threat of government tyranny.

    Others, however, are concerned about the high rate of gun violence in the United States, particularly the rising number of mass shootings and school shootings. People are deeply divided over the best response to the issue of gun control. Medical science has made amazing advances in recent years. New treatments for diseases and advances in genetics have made it possible for people to live longer, healthier lives.

    However, these medical advances have been accompanied by a huge increase in the cost of healthcare. This book explores major issues in health care today, including the pros and cons of the single-payer health care system, the legalization of medical marijuana, and price controls on pharmaceuticals. For nearly years, the United States has been a place of refuge for immigrants from war-torn or poverty stricken countries in order to create better lives for themselves and their families.

    The history of American immigration shows that these people and their descendants have contributed greatly to American society. No matter what their political affiliation, government leaders and public policy experts agree that they want Americans to work and for the national economy to grow at a healthy and sustainable rate.

    However, the experts often disagree considerably about the best ways to achieve these goals: through free markets, or through greater government control over industry. The essays in this book provide some insights into the pros and cons of various economic strategies and approaches. Good health and nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

    This six-volume series will explore the many ways in which your everyday food choices can determine your wellbeing-both now and in the future. The books include facts, figures, and data, and are packed with useful information about protecting and improving your health. Readers will also learn about physical fitness, the importance of good hygiene, and the impact of stress on health. Dieting isn? Even better, exercise helps you manage stress and improve your mood.

    An active body is a healthier body overall. This book will introduce you to many different kinds of things you can do to increase your physical activity. It also has advice about safe exercising, stress management, and how to adjust your diet to improve your physical performance. Research has shown that the more information people have about what makes a healthy diet, the more likely they are to eat in a healthy way.

    This book addresses issues such as the components of a healthy meal, the positive and negative impacts that food can have on the body, and the various illnesses that can be either caused or eased with good or bad diet choices. As consumers depend more and more on fast-food and pre-packaged meals, the risks of unsafe food continue to mount. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans are affected by foodborne illness every year. But the news is not all bad-there are lots of steps you can take to protect yourself! This book will introduce you to the world of food safety-what can go wrong and what you can do about it.

    Human hygiene has come a long way from the days when bathing was optional and even surgeons didn? These days, we understand the important role that good hygiene plays in keeping us healthy. From our homes to our bodies and from our clothes to our pets, good hygiene is essential. This book will provide all the information you need to keep yourself and your environment clean and healthy.

    In today? But nutritious foods are essential to a healthy life-the more balanced our diets are, the healthier and happier! This book will tell you everything you need to know about eating for health: what a healthy diet looks like, why some people don? According to the World Hunger Education Service, there are about million hungry people in the world, or more than 10 percent of our population. But hunger isn? In fact, about one in six American kids doesn? A regular lack of food-or, sometimes, too much unhealthy food-can result in the condition called malnutrition.

    Personal accounts, the observations of experts, and interesting facts add depth and perspective. The 79 CE eruption of Italy? This book takes readers back to that fateful moment, laying out the timeline of the Pompeii tragedy and examining the human and scientific aspects of the event. It also discusses the all-too-real risk of a similar eruption occurring in the future.

    Many unfortunate events befell the people involved in the discovery of King Tut? Were these people cursed from the afterlife by a vengeful spirit? This book examines the idea of King Tut? One of the world? Beginning with Plato? Only in the last few decades did archaeologists and other diligent historical detectives discover it was a real place and located in Plato?

    The RMS Titanic was the most magnificent ship to ever set sail. When it began its maiden voyage in April , its passengers and crew could not have known or even imagined their sad fate. The sinking of the Titanic was one of the greatest maritime tragedies in history, a story that continues to fascinate people today. This book explores juvenile justice in the United States, providing an overview of the mechanics of the legal system, detention, reform school, prison, alternatives to incarceration, re-entry and aftercare, and future trends.

    Racial profiling-the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of an offense-affects thousands of people on a daily basis. It takes many forms, from routine traffic stops to police violence. High-profile cases, such as the deaths of unarmed black men and boys at the hands of white police officers, have brought national attention to this issue and fuelled activism such as the Black Lives Matter movement. Rigorously researched text combines with powerful personal stories to explore this phenomenon of social injustice.

    Deaths from drug overdoses have gone up a staggering amount since Opiates are natural forms of painkilling drugs such as morphine, heroin, and codeine derived from the opium poppy. Opioids are synthetic opiates that include the generic medications hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and fentanyl. The terms are often used interchangeably. Nurse, medical writer, and public health expert Connie Goldsmith investigates the neurology of addiction, the environmental triggers of addiction and overdose, the complexities of getting and staying sober, and efforts to educate medical professionals and patients about the risks of opioid painkillers.

    Along the way, readers meet a range of medical professionals, experts in the field, former addicts, and family members who have lost loved ones to overdose. Throughout history, women's lingerie garments have played a complex role in women's lives. Learn how undergarments protected and shaped women's bodies to fit the ideals of the time, enhanced desire in intimate relationships, made statements about social movements such as women's suffrage, and provided a way to express individual style and personal empowerment.

    With each swing of the fashion pendulum, new undergarments forced the body into the preferred shape-flat bust and angular ribcage, lush bosom and high waist, sloped shoulders and ample hips-which in turn, affected women's health and activities. Learn how lingerie has been used as a status symbol, a marker of social class, and an economic driver throughout history.

    This volume examines how many teens have learned to cope with and survive these often stressful trials and tribulations of modern youth. The number of young people who practice vaping-the use of e-cigarettes-continues to grow in the United States. Experts are divided about whether vaping is a desirable alternative to smoking cigarettes or is itself a serious health concern.

    Teens and Vaping takes a critical look at this phenomenon and its impact on public health. Electric cars are widely viewed as the most practical and environmentally friendly alternative to cars powered by fossil fuels. Fossil fuels make up 85 percent of total global energy consumption, but their share of US energy consumption is the lowest it has been since , primarily because of concerns about climate change and pollution.

    From creating potatoes that do not bruise to curing human hereditary diseases, genetic engineering is changing life as we know it, and is on the brink of altering the course of human evolution. Fake news is a story that seems like real news but involves misleading, deceptive, or false information. And no matter the motive behind its creation and circulation, it is clearly a problem. Does the News Media Tell the Truth? Teens on extreme sports adventures face life-or-death situations when something goes wrong with their gear or the weather.

    To survive, they must rely on their athletic skills and quick thinking. Two high-school friends have gone on plenty of mountain biking trips in the past. But when they decide to test out a new trail, they face potentially deadly challenges. After a crash leaves them with only one working bike and far from the marked trail, they must think quickly to find their way out of the woods before nightfall. All they have are their wits and the few supplies they have brought with them. How will they make it? They were headed for a dangerous and secluded surf spot, but the two girls were competing with other surfers and battling big waves too much to notice.

    The big waves soon turn into a big storm, and a hard fall leaves one girl too injured to make it to shore. The friends swim to a nearby sandbar to ride out the storm with only their surfboards for protection. To make matters worse, they realize that shark-infested waters stand between them and the safety of the beach! With dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder on her mind, an adventurous girl drags her younger brother up the tricky slopes of a mountain, ignoring warnings of an approaching storm. Now, whiteout conditions make it too dangerous for them to continue. This would-be professional boarder must figure out how to get herself and her younger brother to safety before they both freeze to death.

    It should have been a fun day of rock climbing and hiking. But, these two teens may be up against more than they can handle. The day gets off to a bad start when one of the boys falls down a deep crevasse, injuring himself in the process. Things only get worse when his friend gets a bad snakebite. They know that they need to act fast, before their adventure turns deadly! It's time to go where no human and few robots have gone before.

    It's time for Deep Space Discovery. This series explores everything from the sun and other stars to the vast galaxies they make up. With up-to-date content, infographics, and closely leveled text, this series will have reluctant readers reaching for more. Discover Earth and the other inner planets through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics. Discover the Milky Way and other galaxies through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics.

    Discover Pluto and other dwarf planets through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics. Discover Saturn and the other outer planets through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics. Follow the search for new planets through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics. Discover the sun and other stars through engaging text, vibrant photography, and powerful infographics. Honk, honk! Introducing six new titles in our popular Mighty Machines series!

    Kindergarteners will learn cool features and vocabulary about some mighty machines in this search-and-find series. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about airplanes and how they fly. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about helicopters and how they fly.

    This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about motorcycle and what makes them so exciting to ride. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about race cars and how they keep drivers safe during races.

    This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about tanks and how they keep soldiers safe in battle. This search-and-find book invites early readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about trains and how they transport people and oil.

    Toggle navigation. Kindergarten to 3rd Grade Preview Birds of Prey. Nathan Sommer From ten stories high, an eagle can see a single ant crawling on a sidewalk! ATOS Level 3. Nathan Sommer Using their long, pointed wings and tails, falcons dive toward prey at over miles per hour! Nathan Sommer Using intelligence and skilled flying, hawks are able to find great success in their hunting pursuits. ATOS Level 2. Celebrating Holidays. Rachel Grack On June 19, - two years after the Emancipation Proclamation - Galveston, Texas became the last place in the country to learn the slaves were free.

    Character Education. Jenny Fretland VanVoorst What does it mean to be a good citizen? Reading Level 1. Jenny Fretland VanVoorst Helpful people make life easier! Jenny Fretland VanVoorst It can be tempting to tell a white lie to avoid getting in trouble. Coding is Everywhere. Elizabeth Noll From typing your name to playing a song, everything you do on computers uses code. Elizabeth Noll Where does an e-mail go when you hit send? Elizabeth Noll Did you know that the average car has more than a dozen computers inside? Machines and Motion.

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    Erika S. Manley In this book, readers will learn about one of the six simple machines as described by Renaissance scientists. ATOS Level 1. Picture Books. Lisa Wheeler Trick or treat! Reading Level 2. Laura Gehl Teaching your little brother his first word-dibs-is funny. Isabelle Bottier Cassandra has a gift: she sees what animals are thinking. Trim Size 8" x 10" Pages Reading Level 3.

    Jennifer Marino Walters Come along to the haunted house. Plant Power. Karen Latchana Kenney Healing Plants introduces readers to plants around the world that we can use to help heal. Mari Schuh Meat-Eating Plants introduces readers to meat-eating plants from around the world and the ways in which they trap their meals. Karen Latchana Kenney Photosynthesis introduces readers to the amazing ways in which plants produce their own food and rely on the sun for survival.

    Safe By Design. Kaitlyn Duling In this book, early fluent readers discover the amazing technology used to make buildings safe and protect them from natural disasters, such as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, and more. Trim Size Kaitlyn Duling In this book, early fluent readers discover the amazing technology used to keep athletes safe and the new equipment that helps prevent injuries. Spot Arctic Aniimals. Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about an arctic foxes' arctic habitat, body parts, and behaviours.

    Trim Size 7" x 8" Dewey Reading Level K. Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about an orca? Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a polar bear?

    Spotting Differences. Christina Leaf An ancient, scaly beast slides through the water, searching for a snack. Kirsten Chang Buzz! Christina Leaf Can you tell if that is a butterfly or a moth fluttering by? Kirsten Chang Many big cats have patterned coats, but what is the difference between a cheetah? The Five Senses. Lisa Owings There's much more to our ears than meets the eye!

    Lisa Owings The human eye is a complex machine that allows us to see the wonders of the world! Lisa Owings The sense of smell is one of the most interesting human senses! World of Robots. Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about animal robots and their role in our world.

    Reading Level Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about battling robots and their role in our world. Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about medical robots and their role in our world. Birds of Prey. Nathan Sommer The forked tailed of kites allow them to perform acrobatic twists, turns, and twirls to more easily track a meal.

    Nathan Sommer Owls are predators built to detect prey in the dark of night! Nathan Sommer Vultures are scavengers that will eat almost anything they can find! Rachel Grack With its 3,year-old beginnings, Passover is one of the world? Jenny Fretland VanVoorst Kindness is one of the top traits we look for in friends. Jenny Fretland VanVoorst How do we show respect to one another? Jenny Fretland VanVoorst Sometimes doing the right thing might seem boring. Elizabeth Noll How do your favorite video games work?

    Elizabeth Noll Thanks to Siri and Alexa, we've gotten pretty used to coding in our home. Elizabeth Noll Many students may use computer labs or tablets in school. Kirsten Chang In this book, readers will learn about one of the six simple machines as described by Renaissance scientists.

    Ciara Flood It's time for Flynn to sleep in his first ever big boy bed, but there's one rather large problem—a walrus! Jamie A. Swenson In this lyrical celebration of fall, the autumn wind invites forest animals to the annual windfall ball. Pri Ferrari What do girls like to do? Tracy Gunaratnam Marco and Polo simply love adventures, but disaster hits when they are left in charge of Marco's numerous cousins! Mari Schuh Poisonous Plants introduces readers to poisonous plants from around the world and the ways in which they defend themselves.

    Karen Latchana Kenney Pollinating Plants introduces readers to the amazing ways in which plants pollinate and the insects and natural elements that help them do so. Mari Schuh Prickly Plants introduces readers to plants around the world that use thorns, prickles, spines, and bristles to defend themselves. Kaitlyn Duling In this book, early fluent readers discover the amazing technology used to make transportation safe, while learning about how engineers work, challenges they face, and other professionals who help keep transportation safe.

    Kaitlyn Duling In this book, early fluent readers discover the amazing technology used to keep people safe in extreme environments, while learning about how engineers work, challenges they face, and other professionals who help make this technology. Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a reindeer?

    Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a sea otter? Anastasia Suen This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a snowy owl? Christina Leaf Llamas and alpacas can be hard to tell apart.

    Christina Leaf From tall ears to fluffy tails, rabbits and hares are easy to confuse. Kirsten Chang All tortoises are turtles, but what sets tortoises apart from their fellow family members? Kirsten Chang Who is that howling from deep in the woods? Lisa Owings Without the help of the nose, humans would only be able to recognize five types of tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savoury.

    Lisa Owings The largest human organ is skin! Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about military robots and their role in our world. Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about space robots and their role in our world. Colins, Luke With simple text and bold infographics, teaches beginning readers about underwater robots and their role in our world.

    Kindergarten to 6th Grade Preview Animals of the Desert. Patrick Perish Bark scorpions are the only scorpions in the Sonoran Desert that can climb! Patrick Perish From padded split hooves made to scale rocky terrain to reflective fur, bighorn sheep have what it takes to survive in the desert! Patrick Perish Spend a day hiking in the Sonoran Desert, and you may spot an unusual sight: a lizard sprinting on two legs! Arty Crafty. Digital Citizenship. Trim Size 7. Annette Bay Pimentel A young child adventures back in time to million years ago to meet a Diplodocus, learning what sounds this dinosaur made, its size, and what it ate.

    Annette Bay Pimentel A young child adventures back in time to million years ago to meet a Spinosaurus, learning how they looked, where it lived, and how they hunted other dinosaurs for food. Annette Bay Pimentel A young child adventures back in time to million years ago to meet an Allosaurus, learning what they ate, its size, and how even this big dinosaur sometimes got hurt. Kids Living Green. Jenna Lee Gleisner Let? Jenna Lee Gleisner Reduce. North American Animals. Rebecca Sabelko Crows of a feather flock together! Rebecca Sabelko Ssss! Rebecca Sabelko A common snapping turtle lurks in muddy water.

    Tony Ross The Little Princess is jealous of her friends-they all have dads who can do amazing things. Jenny McCartney It might look like a pebble from the beach, but Eliza knows this is an egg. Graham Carter Follow Otto Blotter, adventurer and bird spotter, on a magical journey to find out what it truly means to be part of a family. Raptor World. Jenna Lee Gleisner In Eagles, beginning readers will learn how these raptors soar and spot prey from the sky, as well as the physical features that help these birds of prey catch and eat food.

    1. The ultimate guide to early chapter books for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd grade?
    2. Secret Star.
    3. 7 Ways in 7 Days to Long, Strong Nails.

    Jenna Lee Gleisner In Falcons, beginning readers will learn how these birds of prey hunt in the air, as well as how their physical features help them fly, hunt, and eat. Jenna Lee Gleisner In Condors, beginning readers will learn how these birds of prey fly to find food and the physical features that help these raptors soar. Safari Babies.

    No, David! - Animated Children's Book

    Genevieve Nilsen In Elephant Calves, emergent readers learn about baby elephants. Trim Size 6. Reading Level PK. Genevieve Nilsen In Giraffe Calves, emergent readers learn about baby giraffes. Genevieve Nilsen In Gorilla Infants, emergent readers learn about baby gorillas. Silly Sketcher. Colins, Luke Through step-by-step instructions and images, learn to draw silly alphabets. Colins, Luke Through step-by-step instructions and images, learn to draw silly sketches of animals dressed like people. Colins, Luke Through step-by-step instructions and images, learn to draw silly 3-D sketches.

    Starting Out. Kate Riggs A baby dolphin narrates the story of its life, describing how physical features, diet, habitat and familial relationships play a role in its growth and development. Trim Size 8" x 8" Pages Reading Level K Kate Riggs A baby fox narrates the story of its life, describing how physical features, diet, habitat and familial relationships play a role in its growth and development.